Indy with Lynney: Kiss Z Cook!

After a fabulous and productive day, it was time to get dolled! Lynne and I made a tasting plate for ourselves while we got ready. An amazing ugly tomato, amazing sunflower basil crackers, and amazing hummus. Did I mention it was all amazing?!



Buy ugly tomatoes. They melt my face off.


We also enjoyed some wine… the drink of choice this weekend! A ladybug came to visit (my college friends know what this means…)


She had perfect timing!

One of Kerri’s friends arranged for 20 of us to take a cooking lesson and then enjoy the fruits of our labor! The place was called Kiss Z Cook. While we had the time of our lives cooking, we didn’t learn anything. It was more of a “follow-a-recipe-and-then-eat- together” kind of thing. But all fun for sure!!!!

All the other groups got stuck making the icky, simple chicken rollups (stuffed with sundried tomatoes, feta, and spinach) and spinach salads with avocado and tofu dressing while Kerri, Lynne, our new favorite pal Clint and I got to go to the front of the room and make the real food!
Pre-cooking action:


Serious and ready to work:
Our workstation area:
I made the balsamic onion topping and tomato basil topping for the bruschettas, Kerri made the olive tapenade for the last bruschetta, Lynne made the berry crisp dessert, and Clint provided much needed support all around by chopping, cleaning, mixing, and flipping!!!! I kept our wine glasses refilled, as one should do while cooking. Apparently, I refilled mine a little too much.
A little photo story…
Chef Lynne prepping the berries:
Mmmmmm yum.
Olive tapenade that Kerri made, pre-processing:
Onions on the grill:
Chef Clint doing a great job brushing the toast with oil:
Balsamic onions when they were done:
Tastetester Sabrina (Please note the shocked faces in the background- I had just finished saying something outrageous I think. The wine was flowing a little too much whoops):
My team!
Chef Sabrina with the chef of Kiss Z cook. I served all the bruschetta we made:
The chicken the other tables made:
Berry crisp:
Plated berries:
Proud Chef Lynne with her bowl:
Lynne’s empty bowl:
We enjoyed our meals (I ate a little dressing free salad, all my chicken, and most of my dessert). I really liked the idea of Kiss Z Cook and would love to do something like that again! Then Kerri, Lynne and I headed to a party.

It was fun to be a college girl again and go to a house party followed by dancing the night away. Come 3 am, we were munching on those sunflower basil crisps & hummus!! And discussing music. Love the randomness of this weekend.

In the morning I was tired and I didn’t feel so hot so while Lynney slept I forced myself to go for a run…. Anyway, I was a little scared in an unknown neighborhood so I kept sprinting by people, only to burn myself out and need to walk for a minute. It ended up being a great spontaneous interval run! In 30 minutes I burned 240 calories. Same as a 3 mile run. It was fun and refreshing.

All in all it was a fabulous weekend away. I already miss this weekend!!!! It was just so perfect. We got stuff done, made new friends, and danced! What more could a girl want?!?!?! (I know I know! PB! Only 3 more days until I get to see him. These 2 weeks apart have been toughies!)

I’ll be back tonight with a short video taking while we plated the bruschetta!


13 responses to “Indy with Lynney: Kiss Z Cook!

  1. GREAT weekend fun!!

    Have a lovely day, Sabrina!!

  2. gina (fitnessista)

    looks like SO MUCH FUN!
    i’ve been wanting to do one of those group cooking classes- looks like a blast. even if you don’t learn anything, you can still drink vino and have fun 😀
    hope you have a wonderful day!

  3. I love cooking classes. Looks like you girls had a blast! 🙂

  4. Seriously – HOW FUN!

  5. FUN FUN FUN night!!! love it!!

  6. So much fun. I love that ya’ll did a cooking class together!

  7. That sounds like such a fun idea!

  8. oh my goodness I am so jealous of your fun day/night!!! That cooking class sounds SO fun…and delicious…mmm. Your Ugly tomato was mouthwatering!! Love nights out with the girls 🙂

  9. Too Cute!

    What a fun way to bond with friends and try some new foods!

    I used to take a cooking class when I lived out west and it was so fun. I learned a lot of techniques and tried a lot of foods I may not have otherwise!

  10. What a fun outing!! That cooking class sounds great!

  11. Ah thats so fun!!

  12. sounds SO fun 😀 I’m now totally inspired to paint my kitchen red, once i have my own!

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