Indy with Lynney: Days 1-1.5

My best friend from home Lynne now has a new home in Indianapolis, IN. I went to see her this weekend to help her settle in and to catch up in person while PB went to New Orleans for his bachelor party weekend. She moved out there about a month ago and had been living in hotels! Together we made the transition from eating out to finally making a semi-homemade meal at her house!

**I need to add here that this is the second time I am writing the next part. The stupid Boingo internet at the Chicago airport just lost my saved draft ew!**

Highlights from the trip:
-being a college girl again
-dancing to P.Diddy and Living on a Prayer (see above)
-building an over the toilet shelving unit
-making Lynne crank the heat for me and thus driving her nuts
-cooking yummy foods for 20 people!
-toasting her new home!

As I was awkwardly juggling my HUGE carryon, heavy winter coat, and laptop bag, the sweetest lady came up to me and asked if I was RhodeyGirl! I am! I am! Hi Lisa!!!! 🙂

When I fly I always have this strange fear that I will end up mid-flight and hungry and have to eat those nasty plane nuts, so I always bring ample emergency snacks (read: fruit + bars). Instead of eating any of them I ended up eating a lovely Whole Foods muffin that I packed in a rush at the last minute. My flight was fine and I read and wrote in my journal the whole time.

New personal goal: write in my journal every day, even just one sentence!

Disclaimer: Please ignore Lynne and my tired looks. First it was from being overtired, and then it was from thinking we could still party like rockstars. Which we did and will do again. Soon.

When I landed in Indy Friday Lynne and I became interior designers and domestic goddesses immediately. We headed over to a furniture store where she picked up some vases and a nightstand she had ordered. Then we shopped, one of my best talents! She ordered the cabinet she had been wanting, and together we picked out a super fun chair for her dining room! It is a creamy latte rollback chair with bright silver nailheads- the perfect combo between modern and traditional, funky and sweet.

After a quick stop at home to freshen up and be attacked by the neighbors (and their cute dogs) we headed for a quick neighborhood dinner. Lynne relied heavily on what she has learned about her new home city for places to eat + the lovely suggestions from her new friends! We went to Binkley’s. I love going to dinner with Lynne because we always share stuff! And because she is so awesome, obvs.

Posing with our menus:

First we split the strawberry salad:



and then the penne with sundried tomatoes, mushrooms, and a thick creamy sauce:



and obviously wine! I ate everything on my plates except most of the chicken.

After catching up, we met with her neighbors for a few drinks at a fun local pub. I had the start of 3 drinks but never finished them as every time I put them down one of the boys would start drinking it! It was a really fun, random night. Those are the best, right?

Saturday morning was serious business. We started the day with coffee and a major Target run. 90 minutes there warranted a yummy breakfast, so we headed to Einstein’s with loot in tow. I had never been there but it was delicious! We were super hungry and each had a honeywheat bagel with egg, mushroom, spinach and cheese. We also split an orange juice! I’m obviously still 12 because I’m wearing the dorkiest shirt ever.


The rest of the morning was about making friends with Lynne’s electricians. Besides doing some major electrical work they helped us with small tasks that required either a man or an electric drill. Thank goodness everyone here is super nice! Meanwhile, I put together an over the toilet shelving system for Lynne. It wasn’t very nice to me. pic is of me undoing the hard work I already did. mistakes suck.


I was sad.


Lynne was mean. (insert picture of lynne pointing and laughing). But I did it!


I did such a great job that I got rewarded with a trip to Fresh Market! We had a blast as it was our first time there. Our lovely tour included fried okra chips and purchases of the most important essentials, the elusive Pink Lady apples, yummy strawberries, sunflower basil crackers and random brand hummus, and of course, 6 bottles of wine. Just the essentials I say!








I loved Fresh Market!!! It was so beautiful and clean and everything was so fresh. Lynne and I had such a blast.

Believe it or not, it was then time to get ready for the night!!!!! And that’s when the fun really began……


13 responses to “Indy with Lynney: Days 1-1.5

  1. I think I would love that store! I am always tempted by anything with fresh or natural in the name 🙂


  3. You’ve been a busy girl 😉 How fun that you get to catch up with an old friend! 🙂

  4. you look gorgeous! i love the ‘sad’ photo about the shelving unit, you made me LOL sabrina 🙂

  5. Aw you guys look like you had a blast together! I love those Fresh Market carts!!

  6. Looks like such a fun weekend 🙂

  7. Awww how fun! Love the Einstein’s pic – that is my favorite bagel place EVER!

  8. never heard of fresh market but im jealous that i havent from the pics alone! looks awesome!

  9. Hehe you look so tiny next to that bagel! It looks super tasty. Mmmm pasta and wine. That sounds like a fabulous time that you girls had.

  10. Fresh Market definitely looks amazing!

    FYI, my mom was convinced she saw you trying on dresses a couple weeks ago. I had to show her that you were in Philly and this was not possible. Anyway, she reads your blog and is convinced she is going to see you in Garden City one day. 😀

  11. mmmm your food looks so fab!

    i love you hugging the coffee pile; i regularly have the urge to hug coffee, but not as a picture pose… just out of love 🙂

    I know. I always say that. I need to think more about it because im pretty certain I have huge hair envy 🙂

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