Life just isn’t as sweet without some chocolate!

There is nothing like topping off a fabulous afternoon with a few yummy chocolates!

I had a whirlwind of a weekday! Usually during the week I am boring as can be. I exercise, cook, clean, watch TV, and go to bed. But last night was different! After running a couple of errands I had a fab manicure. There is a new OPI color called “Sand in My Suit” which I just love! It is always nice to find a new color I like (simple pleasures…) I think I will use it on the day of the wedding for both my feet and toes!

After my wet nails dried and I smudged them up nicely at the gym, I went home for dinner… and dessert. Staring up at me from my cute little island (which I am going to miss very much) was this fabulous box of See’s Candies. Do you remember these?


No? Well, let me help you remember…


I am a chocolate box tester, the most annoying kind of chocolate eater! I like to take nibbles of several chocolates before I can commit to one (or, errrrr, 3!) Anyone else this way?

This was my favorite one.. Look at that beauty:



And this little guy came in close second:


I am definitely a person that likes to enjoy sweets when it is worth it. These were soooo worth it! You must try them! They were so insanely fresh and yummy MMmmm!!!! But now, after testing a few, I will put them away until, well, tomorrow! Ok ok, I’ll put them away for a  few days haha.

These See’s Candies came into my life at the perfect time- I am about to plan my Easter menu and need to have Easter chocolate on the menu of course!! Easter is one of the only times we have a lot of chocolate in my house, and I don’t mind! As it will be my last chance to host something nice for my family in Rhode Island, I am going to take advantage and host Easter! I will be back later with some menu ideas!

Easter Bunny 2008: Caught in Action


I am moving my stuff to Philly in 2 months!!!!! (Living at my dad’s for a few weeks before the wedding). Time is flying!

On Today’s Work Playlist: Frank Sinatra… Ahhhh just what the doctor ordered

19 responses to “Life just isn’t as sweet without some chocolate!

  1. Love sees! We use to always go in the store when I was little to get the yummy free samples 🙂 So exciting that you are starting to move your stuff soon!

  2. Yum!!!

    Hooray for moving soon!!

  3. When I lived out west they had a See’s candy store at one of the malls that gave out one free sample when you went in! I love their chocolate!

  4. I love the name OPI uses! That first chocolate is beautiful!

  5. This made me happy and sad! I am excited you are ging to be w/ PB soon, but sad you’re panning your last Rhode Isand holiday.

  6. Couldn’t agree more with the title!

  7. my mom says sees candie are the absolute best, can you believe i’ve never tried one before! youre giong to be the PRETTIEST BRIDE EVER!!!!!!!!!

  8. I am a total chocolate box tester too!!!!

    Love See’s!!!

  9. The way I test my chocolates is by eating a bunch (whole) 😉 These look great! Glad you enjoyed them… and the bunny picture from last year is adorable 🙂

  10. OMG.. I want those chocolates.. now! 🙂

  11. I LOVE chocolate and LOVE Easter!!

    Yeah once I get my hands on a box of chocolate I grab a knife and cut pieces off 3 or 4 🙂 why not?

  12. Hooray for See’s 🙂

  13. Those chocolates look FAB!!!

  14. Oh gosh. Chocolate. I’m a confessed chocoholic. AND PROUD OF IT!

  15. cleanveggiex3

    your totally right about the chocolate thing!

  16. IM THE SAME!!! my boyfriend HAD to impose a cut with a knife rule because i was biting and spitting out ones i didnt like, haha.

  17. Mmm chocolate. I’m so particular about the chocolates that I eat in those boxes; I pour over the little map for ages before choosing which one (*cough* ten *cough*) hehe.

    Manicures are so nice!

  18. testkitchenette

    Until your post I had never heard of See’s (Long Island doesn’t have them, not sure about NYC). I am going to get my hands on these! They look great!

  19. I have ruined my nails so often after a great manicure that now I buy the polish before I leave the shop, so I can “touch” them up!

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