Something new for me and you

Some wicked fun snowboarding!!!!!

This weekend my friend Gina and I took our boys (her husband, my PhillyBoy) to the mountains for the weekend. Oddly enough it is about to start blizzarding now. Guess our timing was a little off! Anyway, I have been snowboarding since I was 13, but PB has never been. It was a fun and challenging weekend teaching him. I know this blog is about food, and I’ll get back to it in the next post, but first I tell you about the trip!!!!!!

PB was such a sport and hardworker this weekend. He is pretty much bruised from head to toe, but I can confidently say that he had not only tons of fun but can now go down a mountain without falling every few feet! The next time we ride together I think he will learn to link turns!!!!! The first couple of hours were tough though…

We had been on the mountain less than an hour. Our first ride together. He had finally learned to stand up on the board (go PB!) but his feet were bothering him, so while we were taking a quick sitting break at the top of the mountain he decided it would be a great idea to take his feet out of his snowboard. His rental had no leash. He didn’t realize he was on a hill. Yeah… something not so good happened.

His snowboard went zooming down the mountain! (without him on it) I started yelling down “loose snowboard watch outttttttt!” while PB started sprinting after it! We were in the family zone so there were kids everywhere, and I was so worried the board would hit one! But it went straight into the woods, never to be found again, although PB did roam around the trees frantically for a little while (I hope he doesn’t kill me for blogging about this story). Luckily, I find situations like this to be amusing. The rental place was pretty awesome about it, and said it happens from time to time. They only charge you for the board if they don’t find it in the summertime. Not a bad deal! I hope they find it!!!!

PB summed up his experience best by his facebook status… he thought he was going pretty fast until two 6 year old girls in cute pink outfits zoomed by him! hahahahaa.

A couple of pics…

PB and I:


The four of us:


PB without a fall for an entire trail!!!!!:


Jake and Gina:


I can’t wait to go to the mountains all together again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I did not follow a healthy diet this weekend. I had my fair share of french fries and brownies, and I felt pretty icky from it. Thank goodness we were moving all day to counteract all the junk we ate! It was worth it though, annnd I am looking forward to a nice healthy breakfast in the morning. Actually, Friday morning at 5:30 I made my favorite oatmeal for PB, Jake and Gina and they all loved it yah!!!!!!!! That made me happy. I hope Gina makes it!!!!! (hi gina!!!!) I find it always hard to stick to my plan on vacation, so I just try to go with the flow, enjoy it, and work extra hard after it. A few days of eating clean and I will feel great again.

My usual post vacation plan is:
-lots of water
-clean eating for a few days (higher on the vegetables and water, lower on the other stuff)
-lots of good, fun exercise

FYI for those who asked… The results of my AFAA group exercise certification will come in 4 weeks. I can’t wait for that email!

I hope you all had a great weekend. Get ready for the blizzard!

Question of the day: What do you do to get back into that healthy groove? Any tips?!?!


16 responses to “Something new for me and you

  1. Hey girl 🙂 Sounds like a fun weekend! I always hit the gym on Monday no matter what after an offtrack weekend. I think it helps set the pace for the rest of the week!

  2. SO fun..i’m planning a ski/snowboard trip for march i am so stoked! You guys looks so fun, i love teaching ppl or taking them to do something I LOVE 😀 As for the health groove- i just wake up, move on and start back on track! It’s so discouraging to just linger on every little “bad” thing u may have’s so much better to just get a fresh start going and not get yourself down, you can expend all that “guilt” or whatever energy on new workouts or something ;D Have a great week!

  3. To answer your question, I eat a lot of vegetables!!! It always makes me feel better.

    Looks like you four had a great time.

  4. Looks like a good weekend! You and PB are so cute. How are wedding plans going?

    Work out first thing tomorrow! Starting off the week right (in terms of exercise) always helps me get back on track with eating.

  5. What a great fun weekend!!!!

    To get back in my groove I do a lot of the same things as you do… lots (and lots) of water & herbal teas, with healthy wholesome foods, very little to no sugar, and exercise! I don’t go overboard though… remember, life is about balance and it sure sounds like you had a good weekend… whatever you do this week will balance out nicely with your weekend away!

  6. Cute pics! Glad you guys had fun (despite PB’s bruises and lost snow board ;). To get back in the healthy groove I load up on fruits and veggies!

  7. haha thanks for making me LOL on that story! Glad you had fun in the snow. I am definitely not a snowboarder, particualarly for the reasons you listed above, but boy oh boy can i rocket down the mountain on my skis 🙂

  8. SO FREAKING FUN!! But yeah I’m not a true snowboarder either – I had a bad experience with it, haha 😀

  9. Aw everything looks like a blast!!

  10. after a junky vayacy I always crave coming home and eating salads. I tend to eat well on vaycay when it comes to breakfast (lots of fruit, I bring oatmeal on the plane), go out for sushi, etc, but I also always treat myself at dinner and desert. Sometimes I exercise, other times I skip. If I skip, I always have the BEST workout upon returning home, which tells me my body needed a rest!

  11. thats a great snowboarding recap! i loved it!

    to get back in the groove i make sure i am getting enough sleep- and drink plenty of teas and lots of water.. then i try and cut out all the snackies i love..

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