Larabar Love! and more…

I popped into Whole Foods today after the post office to pick up a quick lunch to have this afternoon. I went to peruse the bar aisle quickly to see if Peanut Butter Cookie Larabars have come back yet. I was sad that they haven’t!!! Really, really sad. Anyway, I did see that there was a manufacturer’s coupon for $0.40 off each bar!! Significant savings my friends!!!


Go stock up, like I did! (Yes I stick them in my purse so that they don’t use another bag!)


In other news… see the pretty stamped envelope on the left? That is our sample wedding invitation, which I have been carrying around like a proud grandmother, showing anyone who asks how the wedding planning is going haha. We just placed our order!!! I am so excited! They are going out in 6 weeks. Time is flying…

I wanted to thank you all for your votes on the menu for Sunday. I am still flip flopping back and forth.. The mexican one seems more fun and playful, but the fancy one seems more elegant and celebratory! Anyway, you will find out on Monday which one I chose!

Question of the Day: Cashew cookie is by far my favorite Larabar. It fills me up in an energy-filled, very non-cookie way, but yet it tastes so decadent and yummy! What flavor Larabar is your favorite?


24 responses to “Larabar Love! and more…

  1. Sigh. I do not like larabars. Or at least I do not like them enough to buy them. They all taste like dates/juice to me.

    Anyway, yay for the invite!!!!!

  2. Cashew cookie is by far my favourite flavour as well!!!! I just love it!

    Great news about the invite! Don’t you just love how everything is falling into place 🙂

  3. Cherry Pie or Key Lime! 🙂

  4. oh my golly, now i want to go to my wf to see if they coupon’d them up 🙂 i think the coconut cream pie is a fantastic dessert!

  5. Hey! What a great deal- I would have bought a million! Hmmm my favorite??? I like the coconut cream pie!

  6. Cashew cookie was my fav for a while…its just so simple, slightly sweet, and delicious. My most recent fav was Key Lime Pie!! I’d say its a tie…probably depending on whichever one is fresher in my memory!

  7. My favorite LaraBar is the cinnamon roll flavor!

  8. Hands down it’s cashew cookie!

  9. Never tried Cashew Cookie but I always look at it in TJs and think I should try it but then opt for the Apple Pie. I’ve had Cherry Pie…not very good…definitely wanna try some new ones though

  10. Ugh I hate it when grocery stores use like 80 bags for three things! My favorite is definitely apple pie 🙂

  11. Lemon Bar is my number, but I love Cashew Cookie and Coconut Cream Pie equally too!

  12. thats definitely my favorite tooooo!! 🙂

  13. I still haven’t tried a Larabar. Hanging my head in shame.

    But I totally put my purchases in my purse when I forget a cloth bag, too. Either that or I’ll carry items in my arms. It looks pretty funny to be walking down the street precariously holding a bunch of groceries in my hands because I refuse to get a plastic bag, hehe.

  14. CHOCOLATE COCONUT! definitelyyy…I am eagerly awaiting the return of the PB flavor though..

  15. For me, the Coconut Cream Pie is the hands-down winner!

  16. I recently tried the Coconut Cream Pie, and that may just be my favorite!

  17. I stocked up on larabars the other day as well- 90 cents each?????????? how could you ever pass that up! I’m personally not a huge fan of the cashew or peanut cookie. Cinnamon roll and cherry pie are my favs!

  18. PB Cookie #1, followed by Key Lime Pie and Cocoa Mole!

  19. I vote for cinnamon roll! Love the blog, beautiful before and after pics!

  20. Apple pie is my favorite hands down. What a great sale!

  21. My favorite changes all of the time, but Lemon has been my recent love! 🙂

  22. Love the Lara stash! It’s hard to pick a favorite, I have a Top 5 list! But Pecan Pie is probably at the top of that list, but I love the Coconut Cream Pie, too!! Hmm, maybe I just like pie?!
    Happy Friday!

  23. I love Peanut Butter cookie. It is so extremely satifying. I stopped buying them because of the whole peanut butter recall. My second runner up is apple pie!

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