5, 6, 7, 8

Some of you that have been reading all along know that I taught dance part time up until last June, but I bet the rest of you are just learning that now! I have to say that while I was never the greatest dancer, music and rhythm is like blood in my veins. I live for it. I danced for fun from when I was 3 until just last June, and still go now and again. But out of all of those years, the most rewarding for me were the few I got to teach. Teaching something you love is a real gift, and I loved every minute of it. I only stopped because I knew I would be moving, and didn’t think it would be fair to the girls to have to quit before this year was over.

Last night I chatted with my friend Jewel to find out how my old class was doing. I miss those girls so much! After chatting with her I decided to take a trip down memory lane… and found some videos from last year! This video was taken almost exactly a year ago when I had just taught these girls much of this choreography… I am the girl in the black, and the rest of the girls are my class!!!!!! They were all cute 9th graders in high school at the time and came to dance recreationally once a week with me. (keep in mind I had just taught them this, and took the video just so I wouldn’t forget the choreography!) I really miss teaching dance and just dancing!

Why am I even sharing all of this? Because of today’s tip!

Today’s tip: When you sense your motivation dwindling and you need a boost to keep going, think about what your body can DO! Whether it be running X miles, walking to a 6th floor walkup every day, playing with your kids, or dancing, let those actions motivate you!

Anyone else who is having trouble with your Polar HRM… A tip from a little birdie: Wash the plastic band part with a little soap and water every time you work out and it should work perfectly! Other tips I got include: making sure the strap is on tight enough, and wetting the sensors with a little water. Mine now works like a charm. So exciting!

In other news…



17 responses to “5, 6, 7, 8

  1. Love the song in that dance sequence!!

  2. How fun! I danced from the time I was 5 until I graduated high school. I taught a little when I got older and those were my favorite memories, too.

    Thanks for the Polar tip. I always wash the elastic strap and just wipe down the band. I’ll have to try out your advice.

  3. Great choreography – the moves work perfectly with the music.!

  4. LOL – I LOVE SOMMEE CARDS! i can spend hours on that site just cracking up over them!

  5. Awesome video 🙂 That’s so fun! I completely understand what you mean…I was out of volleyball for about a year and then just got back into it playing and coaching about a year ago and it feels awesome 🙂 Definitely get back into dancing!

    Love the card!! Happy thursday!

  6. Love dance 🙂

  7. How fun!!

    That card is perfect 🙂

  8. Love the little Valentine!

    Great tip and that would be so rewarding to coach. Dancing is tons of fun.

    Also literally 2 seconds ago I got your spice blend in the mail. Hurray! Thank you, I can’t wait to try it out 😀

  9. Oh man this video brought back memories for me too! I danced since I was 3 and taught for many years. I miss it so much, but there just aren’t enough hours in the day!

    Great choreography!

  10. So cool that you taught dance! I agree, reminding yourself of what your body can do is so valuable.

  11. haha i LOVE that sticker at the end. so true 🙂

  12. Great post. I liked the video and the tip. I can relate to your message of appreciating what your body can do, especially after spraining my ankle earlier this week. It makes me appreciate running even more!

    Nice postcard too!

  13. i love dance 🙂

    & love the tip. it’s true.. i need that motivation help!

    happy valentine’s day girly.

  14. i miss dance class so much – how much fun all those years were of dance recitals!

  15. so neat!!! Iloved seeing this!!!!
    and love the obama ecard too! 😀

  16. Thanks for the HRM tip. I’ve been having trouble with mine lately.

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