Not a True Delight

I am really sorry to say this….. but I don’t like the new Quaker True Delight bars! You guys know about my love for Clif Z Bars, Kashi TLC bars, and the like! I even like normal Quaker granola bars, old school style, like I used to eat in high school (chocolate chip peanut butter MMMMM!)


But back to the topic at hand.. Foodbuzz, the amazing company that it is, decided to send any willing publishers a sample of Quaker’s new True Delight bars. I received my bars last month and was so stoked to try them! I tried the first one right then and there… and wasn’t impressed. It almost tasted too sweet to me? And a bit too chewy, not in the usual yummy Quaker way….

I made my way through one of each kind, but I actually couldn’t finish any of them! Leaving food untouched is something that rarely happens under my watch. I wonder if it was because I wasn’t used to that artificial flavor anymore, but in general it just wasn’t my thing. I am so sorry to say it, because I LOVE Quaker products, generally speaking, and I really hesitated to even write about this.

Have you tried the new True Delight bars? Was it a true delight for you?


12 responses to “Not a True Delight

  1. Can’t try those bars since they’re not vegan, gluten-free, OR soy-free. Oh well 😀

  2. i thought they were oK but i agree with you — too sweet. and too artifical.

  3. Yeah I was kind of bummed by how sweet they were ebcause the flavors sounded awesome. I’ll break off little pieces as more like a dessert snack now, or break it up onto some plain yogurt.

  4. Hey Rhodey Girl! Odd question…did you order a small in the KERF tshirt? I saw your pic on Kath’s blog and you looked so cute! I’m going to order one for myself I just want to make sure it fits! =)

  5. My husband has been eating them and he said that they were just “OK”.

  6. Annie- I got a medium. I am a 4/6 pant size and usually wear a medium in shirts. I will say that it shrunk considerably in the wash even though it says it doesn’t. And thanks for the compliment! It is super comfortable!

  7. I’m glad I’m not the only one who didn’t like these bars 😦

  8. I thought they were OK but certainly not worth the money, you know? And I’m not sure about the nutritionals.

  9. i haven’t tried them or even seen them anywhere actually! i’ve heard they were good from a few people and wanted to try them but no luck finding them. sorry you didnt enjoy them! at least you got them free 🙂

  10. I love them! It’s a perfect little tea time snack when I need something sweet in the afternoon and the rest of the office is diving face first into a carton of cookies.

    They ARE sweet, but sometimes I need that to stave off other temptations. I’ve only tried the coconut banana one you have pictured though. 🙂

  11. I would say I appreciated receiving them, but I did not love them. I would not buy them because they were very sweet!

  12. I tried the Dark Chocolate Raspberry and wasn’t too crazy about them. Then, I bought the Banana Coconut Macadamia Nut, and I LOVE them!!! I have one every day for my mid morning snack. It tastes like a cookie to me.

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