A simple and healthy dinner

That is pretty much my way of life. Simple and healthy! For dinner two nights ago I wanted to make something nice for Lynne and I. She is moving away on Monday and I am going to miss her very much. We have been best friends for 11 years! I know I keep mentioning it but I guess it is sort of surreal. I don’t remember having 2 days pass in the last 5 years without talking to her or seeing her. It’s just crazy that we are both moving. Anyway, keeping with the health kick, I decided to make tons of veggies and some salmon. I baked the salmon with lemon juice and a bit of garlic. It was so perfect. 350 degrees for 20 minutes covered with foil, then 10 minutes without. Then I made steamed asparagus, steamed spinach, and a salad of mixed greens, sliced orange pepper, 1/2 avocado, some cucumber slices all in Annie’s balsamic dressing. It was a really great meal! And honestly, from start to finish it only took me 45 minutes. For such an amazing meal. Eating well doesn’t take too much time!

My plate:


Our big salad:


We both like to pick out all the good stuff, so now we try to keep it even hahahahaah.

The next day I dug into the leftovers. In general I like to make a big big meal and then eat the leftovers in different ways for the next day or two. So for lunch yesterday I had tons of arugula and mixed greens with 1/4 avocado, 1/8 cucumber, 1/8 pepper, Annie’s balsamic dressing, and 4 oz of leftover salmon. This was a lunch I wouldn’t mind having every single day!


It is 8:45 PM and Lynne just left after just another dinner. I am really feeling so tired that I am going up to bed at 9! What is wrong with me? Well, actually I know! I think I might be getting sick, but I am going to fight it like crazy! Also, I am sad I don’t get to see PB this weekend. We have a lot of weekends off in the next few months in preparation for the wedding and my move. But I will keep looking at the bright side- a few weekends off here and there and before I know it we will be living together! I can only imagine what it is like to live in the same town as the man you love!

Have a great night my friends, see you tomorrow!


5 responses to “A simple and healthy dinner

  1. Looove asparagus & spinach!!


  2. Fresh and healthy! Looks so good. Its so hard to move away/be away from friends!

  3. Get some rest! Your healthy dinner looks delicious!

  4. I love simple salmon dishes. Yours looked great!

  5. gina (fitnessista)

    salmon and asparagus is one of my favorite meals 😀
    hope you have a great day!

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