Your Motivation

*Your Motivation*

What is it that motivates you to eat well and exercise harder/more often?

The single, greatest motivating factor for me is SUNSHINE, believe it or not. Last Saturday it was sunny and that just inspired me to want to be healthier and exercise harder and eat better. Does sunshine do that to anyone else?

Another factor is body HEALTH. The number on the scale doesn’t really matter, but how I feel does. I feel fabulous right now eating the way I do and exercising the way I do, so that is motivation to keep it up!

PHILLYBOY AND FRIENDS. Hearing about my friends and PB’s healthy meals and great workouts inspires me to eat better and workout harder. Luckily I am surrounded by lots of people who care about nutrition, fitness, and great, fresh food.

Those are just a few examples, but really there are plenty more.. stress release, better skin, more energy, etc.

So tell me, what motivates you? Maybe it will motivate me, too!


13 responses to “Your Motivation

  1. im motivated by how good i feel when i maintain a healthy lifestyle. one week with bad food and weak exercise, and im reminded why i dont slack off!

  2. I have kind of a unique situation, so really simple things motivate me, such as increased energy, the endorphins, increased strength/flexibility/muscle mass, reducing inflammation, increased blood flow – and really just better general health =)

  3. sunshine is motivational to me too! i feel like whenever winter rolls around its harder to mantain my healthy lifestyle. Probably my biggest motivation is shopping/clothes. I love shopping and knowing that everything looks good on me when I mantain my healthy lifestyle.

  4. What a great question! Most of the time, I am motivated by the way exercise makes me feel. I know that sounds cliche, but when I was too busy to exercise, I felt weak and stressed.

    A lot of times, short-term goals help me with motivation as well. Right now a beautiful white dress is my motivation. After that, living a healthy lifestyle so that I can be a nice person to others will be my motivation.

  5. Well because I used to be quite chubbier I’d say that my body is a HUGE motivation for me! I’m not really striving to loose weight but I also wouldnt be opposed to it 🙂 Although now more than ever I am VERY motivated to just be healthy…and I am happy that my fiance eats well too, I want us to live a long healthy life together.

    I agree with sunshine…it just makes everything better

  6. Amen to the sunshine! I’m also pretty motivated by how not exercising/eating poorly makes me feel– downright listless. Recognizing the contrast is a great motivator!

  7. The way my clothes fit, my physical improvement…like knocking over 2 minutes of my per mile pace (I am slow) and yep, I admit it the number on the scale. But it is all those things combined, not just one.

  8. I am motivated by the way I feel after working out. I feel so energized. I also used to be overweight and never want to get back to that so it is about my weight as well.

  9. Sunshine doesn’t so much do it for me because that’s a good indicator it’s going to be a cold day here in Winnipeg. WARMTH is a hugehuge motivator for me! And health too, definitely. Am also motivated just by how I feel when I treat my body right.

  10. I agree with Sagan, as soon as its warm enough to walk outside and not freeze my a$$ off, that’s what gets me going!

  11. definitely how it makes me feel. I feel better, sleep better and have more energy when I know that I’m eating wholesome foods and giving my body the exercise it wants!

  12. im motivated by how good it makes me feel! i just feel more alive and that feeling makes it all worth it!

  13. gina (fitnessista)

    i totally agree- it’s all about how great i feel. when i don’t eat well or work out, i feel like garbage
    hope you have a wonderful day!

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