My Jordanian style lunch

I feel like such a new little wife in training. I love hosting parties as much as PB loves taking care of all of my technology needs. Sometimes it is just better to stick to what you do best! Anyway, remember I said the archbishop was coming over for lunch on Saturday? Well he did, and luckily I am a speedy girl because the house was a mess! On Friday night my friend Lauren and I hosted a surprise going away party for Lynne at my house, and things got a little out of control.

Exhibit A:


We had a blast. Anyway, Saturday morning was torturous. I KNEW I had to get up and start cleaning up/cooking for the lunch, but all I wanted to do was hang out on the couch all day. I cut it a little too close. In the end though, we got my place in good shape, thanks to my cousin’s help! (pre guests):


I like to set as much up as possible before guests arrive. That means that all the serving trays were out, the table was set, candle was lit, and food was cooking. The final menu was:

Smitten Kitchen’s smashed chickpea salad
-carrots, peppers, olives and Armenian string cheese
-zaatar bread*
-baked yogurt chicken*
vegetarian stuffed grape leaves
-cucumber & tomato salad
-Strawberry Shortcake for dessert!*

Recipes for all the items with asterisks coming soon! I took a quick discreet picture before we sat down:


After enjoying a leisurely lunch with great conversation and laughs (and stories of Obama’s inaugurations!!!!) we retired to the living room area for coffee (and tea for me). An hour later I brought out dessert, and they all loved it! Recipe coming next!!!!!

By the way, I am trying to get over my weight loss plateau by eating the South Beach Diet style for a few weeks or months. I have learned well how to maintain my weight, but honestly I have been too carby lately and was not feeling 100% stellar (only about 90% haha). And I want to just slim down a teeny bit so I feel my absolutely best, you know? Just an FYI in case you notice my eating is a little different (for example, I didn’t have any dessert, bread, or stuffed grape leaves at the lunch- only the chicken and cucumber/tomato salad).


7 responses to “My Jordanian style lunch

  1. oh, you made the smashed chickpea salad recipe! was it delicious? i’ve been eying that since she posted it. that, and the mushroom stroganoff (and the irish car bomb cupcakes…and the butternut squash/chickpea salad…and…and the list goes on).

  2. Yum! Everything looks great – sounds like fun 🙂

  3. What a wonderful looking table! It all sounds so yummy!

  4. Everything looks great. I absolutely love your dining room set.

  5. haha…I was just about to say the same thing as Rose- that dining room set is awesome! Love the chairs.

    Great job with the lunch! And turning around a messy house so fast!

    Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog 😉 You are awesome!

  6. What a good wife in training . I would love to be at that lunch!

    Good luck with South Beach!

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