Six months!!

Hi from Philly!

I am heading home tomorrow and will resume posting again tomorrow night- this weekend was reserved for my soon to be official family time!

In case you wanted to know…. PB and I get married in exactly 6 months from today! Hip Hip Hooray!

Also, I am keeping up with yor blogs but not commenting because I am reading from my iPhone!



7 responses to “Six months!!

  1. SO EXCITING!!! 😀

    Have a safe trip home!!

  2. 6 months fly by so fast, they’ll be real fam and not soon-to-be fam super soon! 6 months ago tomorrow my hubs and I got married!!

  3. Hey friend! Hope you are having so much fun in Philly. Six months?? Thrilling!

  4. The time is going to FLY!!! So soon 🙂

  5. Oh my! Six months is going to come so quickly! Congrats!

  6. Have a safe trip back. Yeah for 6 months to go!

  7. that is so exciting!!! 6 months is so soon 🙂 so happy for you!

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