Congratulations Lynney!

My best friend for the last 11 years got a MAJOR promotion! She is moving to Indiana to be a fancy schmancy corporate lady! Congrats Lynney!

In honor of Lynne’s awesome promotion (and sad move) I had strawberries with my breakfast today. Lynne loves strawberries even more than I do, and that is saying something!


Along with my berries I had 2 pieces of small slice toast with BARNEY BUTTER and grape jelly. I had the crunchy kind, which is my favorite. I think I will HAVE to buy another jar this week! Thanks for the free shipping Heather!


Now I must focus on my work. There is lots to do!!!

Goal for today:


6 responses to “Congratulations Lynney!

  1. Congrats to your friend! Dinner from last night looks awesome as do this mornings strawberries. Love the fresh fruit!

  2. Wishing Lynne many congratulations!! So fabulous!!

    Your toast looks soooo luscious with all the gooey AB and jelly – holy yum!!

    Happy Wednesday!!

  3. Congrats Lynne!

    The free shipping ends today by the way, so get that order in at lunch time. 😀

  4. Yay! Congrats to your friend!

  5. It says you can cook it either way, but i cook it on the stove. its so easy! and so delicious 🙂

  6. CONGRATS TO YOUR FRIEND!! Hope she likes Indy 🙂

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