Hello my friends. What a bizarre weekend. I was on such a high from my wedding-filled day on Saturday with my aunt when I got the late night phone call that PB’s grandmother had passed away.

She was an amazing woman, and died both in peace and dignity, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt everyone. An email to the whole parish called her “The Golden Mother”. What a great description. I know, from personal experience, how it feels to lose someone so close… and also how life-changing it is. I never talk about this on the blog, but while I am not very religious (I only go to church on special occasions or with PB when we have time) I am extremely spiritual. I believe in God, I believe in Jesus, I believe in Heaven. Losing someone close to me taught me never to have any doubt in that. I could feel it, and I still do, in the core of my body and heart.

No one ever knows what to say to comfort one another, but this is what I always find comfort in: The person who has passed is not in pain. They are in the happiest place they ever could have known. They can choose to be with all of us, and in Heaven at the same time. They can watch over us. We are only sad because we miss them.

Saturday, after receiving the phone call, I booked the first flight out to Philadelphia in the morning. I didn’t want to bother anyone to pick me up, so when I got there I just took a taxi to church. The minute I walked in and saw their faces, I knew I had made the right decision. This is my family, and I needed to be with them, and there for them. After church we spent all day at his Auntie Maria’s house, looking at pictures of Medzmom (Grandmother in Armenian), and telling stories. Yesterday PB and I worked out (elliptical for me) and then I headed back to Rhode Island. I will go back this weekend for the viewing and funeral.

I somehow didn’t forget to take iPhone pictures of my food yesterday during my travels back. In the morning I had a light plain enlgish muffin with pb and j and 1/2 of a mini banana. I did about 30 minutes on the elliptical after this breakfast. It was a great workout.


Then at the airport, believe it or not, I had a nice salad with a side of Eclipse reading. I don’t have my laptop because PB is borrowing it until his comes in, so I was thankful for such good reading. I only had the bread plus the lettuce and a few bites of raw goat cheese.. none of the chicken, cranberries or pine nuts.

This place is part of the new section of the Philly airport and it is called Vino Volo (wine Flight).


When I found out our flight was delayed more than an hour I realized I needed a snack- I was still very hungry. I found a Newman’s own milk chocolate bar, which seemed to be the safest thing at the time. If only I could trust the fruit there! I ate the bar with a tea and 10 almonds from my emergency snackpack in my bag.


When I got home I headed to my old dance studio. Oh how it felt SO good to be there! I really just needed to zone out and move my body. And to see my friends, well really my FAMILY, was amazing. I grew up with these girls! It was a master class and we did a nice warmup and combination. I am looking forward to next Monday.

After the dance studio I went to the market to stock up. I think tonight I will continue my weekend’s to do list and do laundry + clean up my house. It needs it. When I got back to the house I made some all natural chicken breast with onions and peppers. I had about 3 oz of chicken and 1.5 low carb tortillas. I also made a salad on the side with lemon juice, salt and olive oil for dressing, which is what I grew up eating.


And for dessert I had 100 g of red grapes with some tea.


Now I am going to make my breakfast at the office and try and catch up on some work, and also book my flights for the weekend. Thanks for your patience and continued reading everyone. I really appreciate it.


12 responses to “Philadelphia…

  1. I’m terribly sorry about PB’s grandmother – you’re all in my deepest thoughts and prayers.

  2. Please tell PB I am sorry about his grandmother. I love what you said about the person being in a happy pain free place. It’s true and comforting.

  3. i am sorry about PB’s grandma. rest in peace!

    re: obama – hahah i am pretty excited but im going to try to keep the propaganda to a minimum today!!!

  4. I’m so sorry, and both you and PB are in my thoughts and prayers. I think you have a really refreshing view on losing someone you love though.

  5. I’m so sorry to hear about PB’s grandmother!

    I’ll be praying for you and the family!

  6. I am so sorry for your family’s loss. Thank you for the beautiful words you shared about the peace that those who have passed are experiencing. I lost someone recently and it comforted me. Thanks!

  7. Aw I’m sorry to hear about that. She sounds amazing.

  8. 😦 My thoughts are with you and PB!

  9. I’m so sorry! I hope you are all feeling better soon. She sounds like a wonderful woman.

  10. I’m so sorry to hear of the loss 😦 RIP!

  11. I’m sorry for your (and PB’s) loss.

    I really love your perspective about those who have passed. You’re so right. They’re not hurting or suffering and they’ve made their way to a happy place.

  12. so sorry to hear about medzmom. my thoughts and prayers go out to you, pb, and the family…

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