Mmmm grapes

I am obsessed with hard red grapes right now! They are so amazingly good. Are they in season because I didn’t think so. I know they probably come from California, and I felt bad about it until I tasted them.

Breakfast was a new twist on an old favorite… SMALL SLICE BREAD! I was kind of sick of english muffins but not in the mood for oatmeal these days (I know, WHAT is wrong with me) so I had 2 pieces of small slice multigrain bread by Pepperidge Farmes (80 cals each slice) with Barney Butter and grape jelly. And a large sliced banana.


Lunch at noon was 2 oz leftover natural chicken breast + pepper and onions with 1.5 low carb wraps and a sliced cucumber.


And for a snack, the beloved grapes. 100 grams or so. Oh they are so amazing, I am sure I will have more tonight!


I tried first to have a Banana Bread Larabar, but eww I didn’t like it! This is the only one besides the cherry one that I don’t like. I only had like 1/4 bite, as I was hesitant after the too sweet smell…


Looks like another busy week for me… going to head down to Philly Thursday after work to be with my soontobe official family.

Tip of the day: When you are too busy to make it to the gym, try and do some type of exercise at your home, whether it be cleaning while working out, or doing a short dvd, or even just a few sun salutations. Your body AND your mind will thank you later.


5 responses to “Mmmm grapes

  1. so sad you didnt like the banana bread larabar! i love that flavor, but i dont like the cherry one either! and i am lovinnn some crisp red grapes! wish i had some with me rightnow!

  2. Your PBJ breakfasts always kill me – they look soooo good!

  3. Whenever I get grapes like that I always end up eating them all in two days!

  4. Yummy! Grapes rock! I totally agree with your tip.

  5. grapes are one of my most fav. fruitS!!

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