Hiya, kids! On Sunday at the airport in Cali I bought Twilight, and I am officially obsessed. I finished the first book on Monday and am 150 pages through the second. Such an easy and relaxing read! I can’t wait to snuggle on my couch this weekend to finish up book 2!

This morning I needed something cleansing for breakfast. I have been feeling the raw fruits and veggies these days, so I had TWO sliced up mangoes. Maybe it was a lot of sugar, but it is NATURAL sugar and it felt soooo good. I am now having a big travel mug of tea.


PB was here and gone in a flash. It makes it harder when he does that. He landed at 7 yesterday, picked up his car, and met me at the gallery. At 10 PM we finally sat down to dinner at my house and got to have a nice long chat. I was really sad to see him go this morning! Only 6 more months of this, and I can’t wait for it to be over!!!!

Thought of the day: Are you eating your fruits and veggies!?! Foods found in nature are SO much better than the processed stuff. Today pick an apple over a granola bar; you’ll feel better, and your body will thank you too! Since I started eating so many fruits and veggies I feel like my skin is better, my hair is shinier, and I am SURE my insides are just glowing haha.

Question of the day: Do any of you ever have random soreness in any joints? My non-injured ankle has been bothering me all week- is it possible that it is from dancing in my high heels all last weekend? or from my snowboots? or from my increase in speed during my runs (2 miles in 17 was kind of a new number for me). thoughts?


13 responses to “Mango-licious!

  1. I MISS FRESH MANGO!!!!!!!!! I need it to be in season here. Now.

    **To answer your thought of the day = As VeggieGirl, I’m OBVIOUSLY eating my produce in abundance, haha πŸ˜€

    **To answer your question of the day = I used to get a LOT of soreness when I was still dancing; but now that I just do strength-training and yoga, my body heals quicker.

    Hang in there with your soreness!! It’s probably a combination of the heels, the snowboots, AND the fact the it’s so cold out (which can negatively affect the joints).

    Happy Friday!!

  2. Fresh fruits and veggies make me feel so good! I choose them whenever I can.

    Sometimes my non-injured ankles and knees bother me, especially when I up the mileage or speed. That could be it!

  3. Hey girl! I am a fruit and veggie fan! I usually eat two pieces of fruit throughout the morning, veggies for lunch, and fruits and veggies with dinner! I probably over do it, if anything!

    Sorry PB had to leave 😦

  4. the cure for slight aches or pains? BIKRAM YOGA 1-2x weekly.

    I used to have this weird pain in my rotator cuff area, and I went to Bikram like 4x weekly for a few months and the pain went away and never came back. I also continued to lift weights.

    My friend had knee surgery so his knee is screwed up and it hurts when he runs. so if he’s going to run again, he will start going to bikram yoga again.

    it gets rid of aches & pains! and you feel good too πŸ™‚

  5. ooh, all those sound like potential reasons for the joint pain… but give it some rest and it sounds like it’ll be gone πŸ™‚

    yup, i looove my fruits and veggies!!

  6. Fresh mangoes are the best!

  7. ill be wishing for the 6 months to fly by for you! that mango looks so good!!! i am definitely eating enough fruits, but need to focus on adding lots more veggies πŸ™‚ alot of times my shins hurt after runs, then i know i need to stretch them and throw a pack of ice on them!

  8. I heart fruits and veggies, seriously, I will find a way to have a salad at every meal!!

  9. Second you on the real food! All about the natural sugars.

    I’ve read the first 2 books in the series- they’re so addicting! NEED to get my hands on the next couple books… and I really want to see the movie too!

  10. Funny you should ask about eating enough fruits and veggies because I’ve noticed that I have been doing okay with veggies, but not eating enough fruit. So, yesterday and the day before I made myself fruit platters, which has really helped me increase my fruit intake!

  11. I know what you mean about the quick visits! Leaving is the worst part. But, it’s almost over!

  12. Love my fruits and veggies! I have a banana with breakfast every day, a pear or apple at lunch, and tons of veggies during dinner!

  13. That mango looks amazing! I think fresh fruits and veggies really are amazing- I have never tasted food as good as fresh berries in season.

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