Pizza and Bride Wars

I am in a rush with no time for posting pictures, but I had 2 pieces of Regina’s pizza from the MALL last night while watching Bride Wars with Jillian.


1. Bride Wars was really cute. Definitely a *light* movie, not one to get you thinking too much. But especially fun since I am getting married this year.

2. The pizza? Not that bad. Yes it was greasy, but I blotted it off with a napkin and tried to take off some of the cheese. For a pinch it was better than the brown lettuce I saw at the mall, and I WAS in a pizza mood!


4 responses to “Pizza and Bride Wars

  1. That movie looks so cute and people keep commenting on it that they’ve seen it! I think I need to find some girlfriends this weekend and go check it out!

  2. That little salad place in between the escalators isn’t too too bad.

  3. Yeah i saw Bride Wars this weekend too! Great for the engaged girls!! I am a sucker for cheesey wedding movies 🙂

  4. Aw, don’t blot off the best part of a pizza! 🙂

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