Guest Post from Raz: 1001 Nights

**Raz, my roomie and cousin, decided to guest blog about a typical jordanian dinner she made on thursday night!!!**

(Guest post from the roomie.) I decided to have mom over for a traditional Middle Eastern dinner. Mansaf. It’s a lamb dish cooked in a yogurt based sauce served with rice. Mansaf is the national dish of Jordan and it is a favorite for many in the family. My mom has always been the only family member locally to cook it but today I have decided to surprise her.




4 lbs Lamb

Jameed (Dried yogurt)


3 cups Rice

1/4th stick Butter

½ cup Noodles



¼ cup Pine Nuts (optional)


Jameed will need to be broken into small stone sized pieces then soaked overnight in lukewarm water.

The lamb should be cooked in enough water to completely immerse the meat. Cook over medium heat for about an hour. Fat may appear at the top of the water and should be skimmed from the top.


Once lamb is tender the broth of the meat will be used to liquefy the jameed. Small batches of the softened jameed should be mixed with broth in a blender then transferred into a large pot. The sauce will have a creamy consistency. Return lamb to the sause and continue stirring over medium heat until sauce comes to a boil. Then cover and reduce heat to simmer. (Until thickened.)


Now it is time to make the rice. Sautee the noodles until brown then add rice. Continue sauteeing until the rice turnes an opaque color. Add 6 cups of water, salt to taste, then stir. Bring to a boil, then turn low, cover, and simmer for about 30 minutes.


Sautee the pine nuts in a frying pan until golden brown.


Rice is usually piled in a serving tray. The meat is carefully placed on the rice and pine nuts sprinkled over the meal as a garnish.

Sauce is served in a large bowl on the side.



5 responses to “Guest Post from Raz: 1001 Nights

  1. Hooray for Indian food!!

  2. rhodeygirltests

    Eek! It’s Jordanian!!! 🙂

  3. ooooooo i never had lamb before but this combo sounds delish… love the flavor concept!

  4. We hear so much about you Raz. Nice to meet you. Thanks for sharing your traditional Jordanian meal with us. I can almost taste how tender that lamb is!

  5. It was my pleasure! 🙂 My camera was not working properly to upload the pics but I think I fixed it. Pics to follow.

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