Staying Organized in 2009

My sister in law just showed me this cool site that has all sorts of cool calendars! I printed out a yearly one which I then taped into my weekly calendar.

The one I printed I found by looking up “yearly calendar with date boxes” at You should check out that site it is really cool!

And this is my weekly calendar:



An amazing woman at a company we work with sent me one years ago, and since then I buy the newest one as soon as it is available (and send one to her too…). There are gorgeous weekly pictures with inspiring and relaxing quotes. I love it!

This is this week’s quote:

“Simplicity means to be free of desires and attachments, and supremely happy within… It entails neither hardship nor deprivation, but the wisdom to work for and be content with what you truly need”. -Paramabansa Yogananda


Julz I feel like you would LOVE this calendar.

Anywayyyyy, on to brekkie!!!!! I had the LAST light english muffin with pb and j + a banana. I am kind of sad they are gone!


And! PB has finally been blogging regularly. He is working hard in work and play and is writing about it! I love it because I find it so interesting to see the other perspective. For example, all week he has been making meals from his pantry, rather than going to the market before going away. He keeps a much better stocked freezer than I do, that’s all I have to say! And I could never make it a week with interesting meals without going to the market- his have been better than mine and I WENT to the market this week! And he is so disciplined with working out- even when his office is crazy, or I am driving him crazy, or his injury is bothering him. If you are interested in reading check it out!


10 responses to “Staying Organized in 2009

  1. Fabulous!! Thanks for sharing!! And yes, that calendar is sooo Julz – loooove it (and her)!! 😀

    Looove the breakfast – classic deliciousness.

  2. Awesome site! I looove planners and calendars. I’m a huge organizing nerd. hehe.

  3. i loveee to organizing planners and updating my calenders! just looking at yours made me more relaxed. what a nice way to keep your day calm 🙂

  4. Thanks for the calendar tip! I just printed out the year with date boxes to go into my planner 🙂

  5. Thats so cool that PB has a blog too! Once ya’ll are married you should do a combo blog!

  6. Ooh excellent, calendars! Love calendars.

    At the moment I’ve got a Heart & Stroke foundation calendar, a milk calendar (yep they were both freebies in the mail hehe), and a super awesome James Dean calendar. But these ones look like fun!

  7. I didn’t know PB had a blog – how fun! Thanks for letting us know about the calenders 🙂

  8. PB’s blog looks great! You’re both so sweet in blogland– sounds like you’re perfect for each other. 🙂

  9. i’m addicted to lite whole wheat english muffins with PB&J. i go through a pack a week! which is why i buy them on sale and freeze them, heh.

  10. Thanks for the site link. I am a huge calendar nerd. It’s a little bit crazy actually.

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