Low Carb Breads!

For anyone that is wondering about the low carb wraps and pita I eat (Hi, Sarah!) here is the company’s website:


I buy mine right from Stop & Shop.

Here is what the pita package looks like (these are the larger ones):


(Pic source: netrition.com)

And the lavash bread (100 calories/wrap):


(pic from company’s website)

They are really delicious and great for those of you who LOVE sandwich and such!!!! Even if they weren’t low carb I would eat them!

Be back later!

Question: What makes you guys enjoy or not enjoy my blog? What would you like to see more of or less of? I could use some feedback!

3 responses to “Low Carb Breads!

  1. I like lots of the low carb bread products too (MUFFINS!)

    my husband thinks Im insane—but they taste good to me!

    gonna look for that lavash bread.
    thanks for the tip.

  2. just started blogging, so I use blogs like yours for inspiration! yours is always so great and i love all your posts!

  3. I love the Joseph’s products and I didn’t realize they were low carb. They don’t have that gummy, rubber thing going on.

    Well, I love you because you’re a Rhodey Girl! But really I come back because you always have a good attitude and seem like a really happy person. I like your quick meal ideas too!

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