Toothy Smile

I slept soooo well last night. I had dreams about PB and I and our wedding day and it was oh so glorious! Last night’s boot camp class was exactly what I needed. Did I mention I slept like a baby?

Breakfast was the usual, a light english muffin with pb and j plus a banana. Only one more day of that before I am out!


Goals for today:
-No cardio! My ankle is killing me from the last several days without a break. I will lift for 45 minutes (circuits) and that’s it!
-Need to drink more water. It is so hard when it’s cold out!
-Pack for Cali!*

*I like to pack for trips early so that I can maximize my space. We leave Friday morning and arrive in time for a quick workout before heading to the rehearsal dinner. Then Saturday we might have a few hours of hanging around before workouts and showers and Martino’s wedding! Sunday we leave at the crack to come back- and don’t get back until 11 pm!, so I need to back like a champ- especially as I am only bringing a carryon!

My packing list is:

-outfit for the plane there and back (cute gap body sweatery thing with exercise pants and a tank top underneath + a scarf for the cold airport. and my running sneaks)
-1 workout outfit which I will nastily reuse
-rehearsal dinner outfit: black turtleneck short sleeve dress with 3/4 sleeve long sweater + silver gray peep toes
-wedding day hangout: jeans + long sleeve white shirt with white tank underneath + sneaks
-wedding day dress: my new dress! plus hot pink clutch, silver gray peep toes, and grayish black pashmina

-ipod + weightlifting gloves + pb’s gloves he left
-my fun hat PB bought me for San Fran last year to wear in the airport
-book and magazine for plane
-phone charger, retainers (yes i am a dork), any meds
-toiletries: small shampoo, conditioner, body soap, facewash, and moisturizer. toothpaste and brush. mini loofah. makeup + makeup remover and yes, it all fits in my 1 quart zippie bag.
-hairbrush + dryer + straightener (might not bring the dryer, depends, but I want to make sure I have nice hair for the wedding)
-BREAKFAST for the plane. we have to be at the airport at 6:15 so I will be bringing a big bagel and banana for the ride and buying tea and water from the new starbizzle (hi gina!)
-card + check for the happy couple!
-camera and charger! (PB’s because mine is broken!)

I have to say that from visiting PB so much and only using a carryon and from my stint living in Italy, I have become an amazing packer. Seriously! I once went to Ecuador for a week with only a backpack, and the only thing I repeated was one pair of capris once, plus my shoes.


9 responses to “Toothy Smile

  1. Hooray for sleeping well!!

    Good luck with your goals for today!! You can do it!! πŸ˜€


  3. OH N DEF WEAR A BUTTON DOWN SHIRT! Keep yo hurr real πŸ˜‰ Hehe yayyy for your second to last dayy!

  4. That’s quite the list! You are a prepared packer. I always end up tossing things in at the last minute, wishing I was smart enough to make a list like that from the get-go.

    How are wedding plans going?

  5. You’re such a terrific planner. Being an efficient packer is a great skill!

    P.S. I dreamed about my wedding (which already happened!) last night, too. Makes for a happy day! πŸ™‚

  6. OMG melty peanut butter on the English muffin, to die for! haha I just typed PB but I typed out peanut butter to avoid confusion πŸ˜€ I love your plane outfit I love cute and comfy plane outfits, and hats!

  7. Perhaps you need to teach me some packing skills. I go to my parent’s home for a weekend (which is really 45 minutes away ) and I ende dup packing not one, but two different bags to make it through the three days. I am awful at narrowing stuff down!

  8. Sounds like you are a great packer! I need to learn that. My luggage always seems to be overweight.. I’m going to try really hard to pack light for my next trip and see if I can do it.

    Love hearing the wedding stuff… even if it was a dream! I always have dreams about my wedding (fiancΓ© and I are getting hitched this summer!).

  9. Thanks for the shizzout!!! πŸ˜‰

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