Late night snack!

Just had a 45 calorie pita, toasted and then added 8 g of peanut butter and 5 g of grape jelly (yes I weighed them on the scale to make sure I didn’t go overboard!)

real camera pics…




9 responses to “Late night snack!

  1. You are super disciplined with your weighing!

  2. That looks like a delicious snack! I was wonderfing what kind of pita is that is and where you purchased it? Thanks! Keep up the great work on your wonderful blog!

  3. I registered for a food scale 🙂

    I also still love those plates and always check em out online!

  4. Looks like a good snack.

    Do you use a food scale for most items?

  5. rhodeygirltests

    Rose: Yep, when I can. but I am not obsessive about it. I just like to know, especially as I am trying to lose these last stubborn 3 lbs!

  6. Oh my gosh – so decadent! Love the swirls 🙂

  7. Love the plate and mug designs….and of course the food too!

  8. Adorable dishes!!!

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