Am I the next one?

Morning! Oh my, my body is so TIGHT this morning. I need to make sure to stretch a ton tonight. felt good to actually run a decent distance last night without having toooo much pain in my ankle.

I had a repeat breakfast this morning, only a few english muffins left and i’ll change to a different breakfast! Are you getting sick of seeing them too?!

same pic as yesterday bc my iphone doesn’t want to email me the pic!


So question: Am I the next food blogger to be getting married? Is it possible that no one else is currently engaged in our little world? Or am I just missing you? if you are engaged and a reader or blogger let me know when you are getting married!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


9 responses to “Am I the next one?

  1. Not in the engaged club yet!

    I think Anna @ Meals from the Girl in the Little Black Dress is engaged…. and I’m not sure who else?

  2. DEFINITELY keep stretching!!

    Hooray for you and PB getting married soooo soon!! 😀

  3. Thanks for reminding me…I need to remember to stretch too!

  4. Not in the engaged club here!

    I love the English muffins so don’t worry about me being tired of seeing them!!

  5. I know Bridget from Yogurt and Berries is engaged, but I’m not sure when she’s getting married.

    Can I be in the next food blogger to get a boyfriend club?? one step at a time….lol

  6. I’m not engaged yet… thanks for reminding me to get on that though!! Heehee! I still haven’t heard anything about the ring from a few weeks ago… hmmm…

  7. Yay for getting married!! I think your before me, but I am Sept 6!!!

  8. I’m not a blogger but I am an engaged reader… June 6 is the big day! 🙂

  9. rhodeygirltests

    Kristie Lynn- yay! My cousin got married on June 6th last year! Congratulations!

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