My Restaurant meal philosophy

One of my dad’s favorite restaurants has the most delicious penne alla vodka dishes I have ever had. While it is my favorite thing to order there, we frequent the restaurant quite often so I know it is not a healthy choice to make every time. Last night while I debated in my head what to order I decided on the healthiest option I could while still enjoying the restaurant’s amazing chef.

To start I had a simple house salad with no dressing:


For my dinner I chose the branzino, which is sea bass and had 3 scallops on the side. I asked for it with the creamy sauce on the side:


It was about a 5 oz piece and the perfect portion. I also ordered a side of sweet potato fries to satisfy my craving for something carby. I counted out 10 of them and then ate 11. I always need that extra one!


It was a great dinner with the two main men in my life, PB and my dad! With lots of exciting wedding talk! Now that we are in the new year it is time to start talking seriously about wedding stuff, and that is so super fun for me! Especially as my dad has great ideas and advice.

My goal for today:

Today I will make smart food choices. The weekends are always harder with meals out and not being on a schedule, so I always choose to have a treat on each of those days.

Off to the gym to try and stretch out my very sore body! Our workout yesterday was INTENSE!!!


4 responses to “My Restaurant meal philosophy

  1. Great job with ordering last night! Restaurants are tough!!

    I also agree that its MUCH more difficult to control meals on the weekend. I have started to try to sort of plan out what I’ll have for lunch (I use to just graze instead of eat an actual lunch). I’ll put a bundle of veggies/beans in a container and plan a stir fry or salad. Since its already laid out for me- I always go for the healthy option!

  2. Lovely dinner with your two favorite men 😀

    Good luck with today’s goal!!

  3. Taking that one extra fry is a fantastic idea- makes you feel more as though you indulged by having 11 instead of 10 even though its only one more. And then you feel more satisfied!

    Restaurants always use way too much sauce; a little bit can go a long way.

  4. That’s great! Sometimes I feel awkward about asking for sauces on the side (not with salad dressing, but with the dishes’ sauce), but I guess there is no need for that.

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