Dinner Date

PB and I ended up at Ten downtown last night. I used to go every weekend for drinks with my girlfriends and had only had dinner there once or twice before. The food was decent, but way overpriced for what it was, and the service was TERRIBLE. took us 20 minutes for water, no joke. anyway, we had a realllly fun time and had great conversation…. then after dinner my friends came by!

I had a bacardi diet (the only time i drink soda) and a caprese salad to start…


Then I had a shrimp cocktail and almost a piece of bread:


And no dessert, but they have a fun dessert menu with 3d glasses!


In the afternoon I had 2 snacks… first a hot chocolate with 3 mini homemade cookies


And then my last Z bar when I knew that PB and I were going to go hardcore at the gym…


I ran over 4 miles yesterday but neither PB nor I remember the exact amount! I do remember that I burned 427 calories though! I ran nice and easy at 6.2 and then slowly increased up and down between 6.2 and 7.5 for the last 1.5 miles. This morning PB and I headed to my trainer for an intense strength training workout. She put us through lots of normal exercises, no plyometrics or muscle confusion today, but it was FABULOUS! my whole body is wicked sore. Before we left I had a nice breakfast, just like the last two days, but I can’t find the picture! It was a pretty one too. After we got dolled we went to the mall to do some fun things and had lunch at the Nordstrom cafe. We split a salad and sandwich and I also had an unsweetened ice tea.



And then PB surprised me with a huge oatmeal raisin cookie and somehow I ate it ALL at the tux shop!


That’s right, we picked out tuxes!!! Details to come in the next month… Sorry my posting is kind of weird today, I am learning how to use my mac and it is really like a different language for me. I might download Live Writer now that I have a nicely working computer!

We are off to dinner with my dad! Ciao for now!


5 responses to “Dinner Date

  1. Damn, too bad about the restaurant!! 😦

    Hooray for the tuxes!!!! So exciting 🙂 And have fun with Dad tonight!!

  2. I hate when food is too expensive for what it is! Great job on the run. I want that huge cookie! I can’t wait to hear about the tuxes 😉

  3. Sorry about the restaurant – fun 3-D menu though 🙂

    Windows Live Writer is a god send! Seriously you’ll love it!

  4. Have fun with your dad tonight! Love all the food in this post! Awesome workout girl!

  5. Can you use Live Writer on a mac? I was under the impression you couldn’t. Let me know though!

    I went to 10 once for a baccelorette party and we just had drinks and apps. so it was good. Sorry about the stinky service. I think they like being the fancy steak place in town, ya know?

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