New Year’s Eve 2008

Auntie Linda’s was really fun as usual, except there weren’t a lot of people there this year! With the bad weather and such lots of my family didn’t make it. PB got in from Philly sooo late. I felt so bad for him. I think it took him like 8 hours or so? 

For dinner at auntie’s house I had a small piece of roast, lots of salad, some of my uncle’s famous fettucini alfredo and white wine (about twice what you see here)



Here is the whole table:


And a few pictures of the lovebirds….



After dinner and a little champagne I had two cups of auntie’s fruit salad. mmMMM


We had such a blast!!! This morning when we got up we went straight to the gym since it was closing at 1 PM. It was crazy in there! People are so crazy… they go to the gym for a few weeks every new year and then disappear. Anyway, I ran 4 miles in about 36 minutes including a few walking breaks. I did intervals between 6.0 and 7.5 and then walked a bit. PB stretched and then did 3 miles in like 25 minutes, and it didnt even look like he was doing anything. It was so easy for him!!!! When we got home we had my dad over for brunch… The whole group was my roomie and her bf, PB, my dad and I. 

We made an egg, tomato, spinach, mushroom and cheese frittata…




And roasted potatoes…


Ciabatta with zattar…






The whole table:


My plate…


I had 1/2 a glass of oj with this plate + 2 more pieces of ciabatta. And some tea!!! Now it is like 5 hours later and I was soooo hungry so I had a banana. It prevented me from picking at the chocolate chip cookies I just made! I also made some homemade pizza dough.. two HUGEEEE batches actually. We are having my cousins and friends over for a Wii tournament! I will take pictures!!!!!!

Have a fabulous night, happy first day of january!!!!!

5 responses to “New Year’s Eve 2008

  1. So sorry that the weather prevented some folks from attending 😦 But hooray for still having great fun and enjoying delish food!! 🙂


  2. SUCH cute pictures of you and PB! Love your outfit!!!! Glad you guys had a fun night and a great morning.

  3. Everything looks delish! Sorry about the bad weather 😦 You and PB are adorable though!!

  4. You and PB are the cutest! What a New Year’s Eve spread! My gym was empty today. I was surprised because I expected the total opposite.

  5. gina (fitnessista)

    you always look so beautiful and put together 😀
    looks like a wonderful new years celebration! enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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