I’m baccckkkk

Morning everyone!

Pictures of New Year’s Eve 2007… (please ignore the pudgy face eeeek!!!!)



I am back and feeling fab! My phone is fixed (after an annoying AT&T visit), PB is coming here for new year’s, i’ll have my car back, and it is snowing a glorious snow outside!

Oh, and I am so insanely motivated to feel good and healthy! I started off my day with a packed, calorie-dense breakfast. I didn’t really have dinner last night and I was famished when I got up. Plus, I have a busy day at work ahead of me, so this was the way to go!

I had a light multigrain english muffin with 2 tbs pb and 1 tbs grape jelly plus a huge banana all sliced up. I feel perfectly full and energized right now. I am now enjoying a big mug of tea in my travel mug as well as lots of water.


From now on I am going to post my daily goals here too; I think it will motivate me to get into shape.

Something I have noticed is that as I get closer and closer to reaching my goals it becomes much harder to reach them. It was much easier to lose those 20+ lbs over the last few years than it is to lose 5 now. I guess when your body has less to lose it wants you to work harder to lose it! So it is time I work harder.

Today’s personal goals:

1. Drink 2 full large Smart water bottles at work today. I need to hydrate better, and I feel so dehydrated!

2. Stick to tonight’s meal plan. My aunt is having us over for New Year’s Eve like every year and they make lots of yummy food, both healthy and not. Tonight I will focus on only the healthy… 75% veggies, 15% protein, and 10% drinks and little tastes. No more than 3 drinks tonight, and they will be low-cal options.

3. Get in some form of exercise… hopefully with a ride to the gym by PB if he gets here in time?

In other news… no real wedding planning going on this week…. I am working on the day of itinerary and on other random things, but we are kind of taking a 2 week break. We needed it!!!!! I hope to check out some furniture this weekend for our condo and maybe shop for a few dresses.

Also, help! We are going to a wedding in California next weekend and the dress code is semi-formal. What does this mean?!?!?!?! No long dress?!??! I was deciding between 3 long dresses but I feel like I need to find a shorter one now? ideas?

P.S. Here is my post from last year


8 responses to “I’m baccckkkk

  1. Hey girl- semi formal usually means tea length. If you have a less formal long dress that is probably fine! Have a wonderful day! I love reading about your goals – btw!

  2. Fabulous recap photos and goals!!

    Yep, I agree with what Erica said (above). Have fun!!

    Happy New Year’s Eve!!

  3. I 3rd the short dress idea! I think your goals are great! Maybe they will motivate me. Happy New Year! BTW , you can almost say you are getting married this year!! How exciting!

  4. Allison- OK seriously I just squealed yet AGAIN in my office. You are right I CAN almost say I am getting married this year! I can’t believe it!!

  5. SHUUUTUP your face is so not pudgy πŸ˜€ I live in LA….I don’t know where your wedding is, but I think the tea-length (or to the knee- aprox) is a good call…It is winter though so a long dress wouldn’t be crazy, but you could def wear a shorter, nicer dress and be totally fine, IMHO! Have fun whereever in CA you are!

  6. Hurray for motivation! Happy New Year.

    I think semi-formal implies that just about anything can go. Plus you can dress down a longer dress by doing something less fancy with hair/makeup/jewelry.

    I’m craving an English muffin now…

  7. You do not have a chubby face! You’re crazy lady. πŸ˜€

    Anyway, semi-formal – I would say could be long depending on the dress, but most likely something shorter.

    Have a wonderful New Years Eve with PB and your family!

    Ha! You ARE getting married this year. πŸ˜€

  8. Aw – you and PB look adorable! I don’t see a pudgy face!!! Glad to hear your phone is fixed too πŸ™‚

    I agree with Erica re: semi-formal!


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