Christmas Gift!

I am really sorry my friends but I have had no pictures for the last few days for two really annoying reasons:

1. My Canon is not working, but PB has my car until tomorrow night so I can’t go getit fixed! Poor PB’s car got SIDESWIPED while it was parked in Philly, and on Christmas Eve when he saw it he just climbed in and drove it that way to make it here on time. Now it is being fixed in Rhodey and we drove his car back down to Philly for the weekend. he will drive it back up tomorrow. I miss my car and my PhillyBoy!


2. My stupid iPhone isn’t working! It is really AT&T’s stupid fault. I hate that company with an intense passion and can’t wait until the iPhone is released so I can go back to Verizon with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I can take pictures but I can’t email them to myself. I am going to try and sneak out of the office with my brother’s car after lunch to get my new SIM card. AT&T for the last 2 days told me it was a statewide networking issue even though none of my friends’ phones had problems and my phone stopped working in Philly first. Now, 36 hours later with no phone and they tell me it is just my sim card. I hate them!!!

I wish my cam was working because Lynne (my best friend for the last ELEVEN years) and I made an amazing pesto last night after we did an exercise dvd at my house. I am eating the leftovers today and will take a picture for later….

So, since I don’t have any food pictures for now I will keep taking them with my phone and do one big long post (hopefully) tonight! And I still want to entertain so how about I talk about my amazing Christmas gift from PB?!?

We were supposed to do a small mini Christmas since we don’t need anything but instead PB went wayyyy above and beyond. He made me open the small jewelry box before the big box and I didn’t understand why since I always like to open the best present last, but I listened. In the small box was this GORGEOUS diamond by the yard chain he had custom made for me to go with the custom diamond pendant he gave me last Christmas….


It is so pretty and delicate and goes perfectly with the pendant. He has excellent taste, doesn’t he?

Then, on to the big box. At this point I was really curious and had no idea. I thought it might be a new external wireless card since my laptop stinks. It is the one that my brother and sister in law brought to me in Italy in 2004 and is a huge clunky old thing. The internet cable hole (technical term right?!?!) was broken, the external internet thing barely ever worked, it had a ghostlike problem where it would just do weird things on its own, i couldn’t update my itunes to update my iphone… the list goes on. So for the last 4-5 months I have been diligently saving for a Mac laptop, but it looks like that saving was worthless because look what I got!!!!


Yes, it is just a box with a piece of paper and a red apple in it. hahahahaha The paper had a picture of my laptop since it wasn’t in yet. The actual Mela Mia (that’s her name) arrived yesterday. I started her up and the only word for her is sexy. And I never say that. It is soooooo amazing and fast and sleek! He got me the new one with the touch track pad that is kind of like the iPhone in features. He really takes care of me (errr spoils me?)

Now we are a true Mac family!! iPods, iPhones, Macbooks!!!!!!!


Once I change my SIM card and get my phone up and working again I will take pictures of it. I can’t wait to go home tonight and play! I stayed up until midnight doing videochat with my future cousins in law Vahan and Henry in California and with PB too! Soooooo coooooool!


12 responses to “Christmas Gift!

  1. Wonderful gifts! How thoughtful!! Hope everything gets up and running soon!

  2. PB IS AMAZING!!! 😀

  3. Wow that’s amazing! The necklace is beautiful. He’s such a sweetie:)

    Hope everything gets fixed soon!

  4. LOVE the apple in the box & the gorgeous necklace!!!!

    sorry to hear about pb’s car – that is awful :/

    thanks for your tip about the peppers – ill def try that next time!

    and by the way hanging out w/ you in philly isn’t a goal it’s a definite! 🙂

  5. Great gifts – PB sounds like a keeper 😉

    Sorry to hear about all the bad luck 😦 AT&T was knocked out in MI too!

  6. You have an amazing man there!!! He is SO thoughtful!

  7. Don’t worry about the pics – gorgeous neckless though!

  8. Wow, what an awesome fiance! Your presents are beautiful and wonderful!!! 🙂 🙂

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