Christmas is all around me….

Like I said in my last post, Christmas week was ccaaarraaaaaaazzzyyyyy!

Here’s what PB and I did:

Christmas Eve
….at my dad’s house
…morning at my dad’s house
…early afternoon at Auntie Daniela’s
….drove down to Philly
—evening at Auntie Maria’s
Day After Christmas
—alll day and night at his mom’s house
Day After Day After Christmas (Saturday)
…lunch at Amy & Nick’s
…Appetizers at PB’s dad’s house
…dinner with his cousins and aunt and uncle for his cousin’s 18th birthday
And today
…stopped by his mom’s
…then all day at Auntie Tanya’s
…I flew home to Rhodey

I am not even joking!!!! It was an insane, holiday-filled weekend!!!!! While we are both exhausted, every visit was sooo worth it. It is not very often than everyone can get together you know!

So you are all only getting two recaps. One of Christmas Eve since I kind of hosted at my dad’s house (more on that later), and one of Christmas gifts/ring shots!

Christmas Eve….

We had about 25 people over which is really small for us, but it was a blast!!! The final menu ended up being:

-Mozzarella and Tomato salad with fresh basil
-Shrimp cocktail
-Hummus and lebneh with carrots, peppers, and pita for dipping
-Assorted cheeses and crackers

-Roast with a Bernaise sauce (made by Auntie Daniela)
-Nonna’s Lasagna (made by Auntie Daniela)
-Mom’s zucchini (made by me)
-Mom’s mushrooms (made by me)
-Mom’s champagne risotto (made by me, with Auntie’s help)
-Vegetarian stuffed grape leaves (made by Raz and help)
-Meat and rice stuffed grape leaves (made by Auntie Ruthie)
-Pita and french bread
-Pomegranate walnut salad (made by me)
-Dad’s Arabic Salad (tomatoes/cucumbers/onions) (made by Dad)

And lots of desserts and drinks…including a huge fruit salad made by Raz and I, Pastiche Desserts, Godiva chocolates… and more!

Included in the picture recap… the appetizer table.. where we kept the desserts while dinner was being eaten (to remember for next year)… the dinner parts.. me making champagne risotto.. the desserts…

Here it is:

THAT is Christmas Eve, RhodeyGirl Style.

Now that that marathon post is done, I will be back tomorrow with even more pics, but of people this time!!!!!


14 responses to “Christmas is all around me….

  1. OMG great food, that is crazy!! 25 people is like, 3 times my whole family! You look gorg in the purple 😀 Enjoy your night

  2. That is certainly an insane amount of travel! You are such a good sport about it though.

    You did a great job with Christmas Eve!!!! You must have felt proud/relieved. 😀

  3. wow everything looks so fantastic! I’m so glad it went well!

  4. WHOA! That is quite a schedule!I always feel like I need a vacation after the holidays- I bet you do too 😉

  5. wowza! Rhodey Girl does go all out for XMAS! Everything looks so gorgeous!!! what an amazing spread!!!

  6. My GOODNESS you were busy – but so much fun and fabulous food!! 😀

  7. whoa, is there anywhere you didn’t go for christmas?! yikes!

    that huge bowl of fruit salad and the pecany pie thing had me mesmerized for a moment…. dinner at your house is no joke! yum )

  8. whoa, is there anywhere you didn’t go for christmas?! yikes!

    that huge bowl of fruit salad and the pecany pie thing had me mesmerized for a moment…. dinner at your house is no joke! yum 🙂

  9. HOLY COW!! You guys were busy! Great eats though – yum!

  10. oh man – that is alot of great food. The tray of sushi is calling my name!

  11. That looks fantastic! And 25 people, wow that’s a lot. I’m used to between 7 and 10 people hehe. Especially intrigued by your champagne risotto. You must have worked hard this holiday to do all that- but looks like it was well worth the effort.

  12. WOW- what a crazy Christmas! Sounds like fun, though. Love the big family gatherings!

    And champagne risotto?? I’m intrigued! Do you just use the champagne in place of white wine?

  13. Wow, that’s A LOT of travelling! Glad you had a great time. Just catching up on my blog reading – Merry Belated Christmas!

  14. gina (fitnessista)

    so, um, may i please come over next christmas?
    we feast out over here too, but all of that food looks AMAZING
    25 is small for my family too… when i did our wedding invites i realized that we have 140 people in our immediate family! yours is probably similar 😀
    looks like such a great time! enjoy the rest of your night!

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