Already Midnight?!?

Wow the afternoon totally flew by!!! When I got home from work (super early) I set to make the sugar cookies. I have realized that I am just not a baker (and speaking of baking I need to announce the cookie contest winner! should i wait until monday when everyone will catch up on blogs or just announce it in the AM?)… I tried creaming the sugar and butter while the butter was cold because the recipe I hadn’t didn’t state that it should be at room temp. Ugh, that was a fun little mess. But, I did make the cookies and they were tasty, just not as good as I have had before.

For lunch I had leftover soup + a small 160 calorie classic pita with 1 oz broiled mozzarella on top. Then all afternoon I have been snacking on cookies. I have probably had about 6? I wanted to taste one from every batch to see if I could improve with the baking time and such. Not so much… Also, they are the size of a sand dollar which is just the PERFECT cookie size and they all should be that size!! With lots of tea in a penguin mug.

And now it is midnight and I JUST finished wrapping presents which is insane since my family isn’t even doing Christmas gifts this year. I only had to wrap PB and my presents to his family (soon to be mine too) and some small things for my dad. I watched Elf and Forgetting Sarah Marshall and cried at the end of both. What is wrong with me?!?!

Anyway, it was interesting to be snowed in alone. I wish PB was with me! I missed him today and tonight.

Now I am off to dreamland… Happy snow day!


6 responses to “Already Midnight?!?

  1. those cookies look fab! Your so good w/drinking tea all the time, I really should to stay warm and cozy! Hm- tomm AM would be good to post it, i know a lot of peeps catch up on sunday! have a great night 😀

  2. wow – looks like a great time baking! i love baking but it really does cause the day to fly by!

  3. Haha!! I too went to bed after midnight (consider I didn’t get HOME until midnight).

    Lovely cookies!!!!

  4. I’ve done the same butter/sugar mistake before – isn’t it just great to find butter chunks is random corners?! Hah – everything looks delish!

  5. Aw cute mug!

    Don’t worry about the cookies, I do that sort of thing ALL the time:D

    Yesterday I also had a large amount of cookies and caramel popcorn- clients keep bringing them to my work to show their appreciation. It’s all so tasty.

  6. Awwh PB! I bet you do miss him.

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