Happy Birthday Raz!

Today is my cousin/roomie/colleague’s birthday! Happy Birthday Razzle Dazzle!

I have so many thoughts I need to number them today.

1. I WILL have a perfect, full of healthy choices eating day today. I have decided and am doing really well so far. I need more veggies in my life, and have been letting that slip over the last week.

2. Stop & Shop really grosses me out. I need to start eating only my own homemade foods, because we REALLY don’t know what goes into these things. I was waiting for them to write on Raz’s office birthday cake and they definitely had some type of nasty aerosol spray called “Baker’s Shine”. It was this spray to give bread products a shine. Seriously. I wanted to take an iPhone picture but the little old lady writing on the cake was so nice and I felt bad.

3. Only in Rhode Island… Only in R.I. do people hear the word snow and rush to the market, where they proceed to run out of things like milk, bread, and eggs. I am being serious! Oh, and don’t forget the batteries and water! We are expecting loads of snow tomorrow, and that makes me happy because I am not due to fly out and therefore will not have to deal with annoying and sad delays.

4. My food for the day!

Breakfast: A healthy dose of mush for ya. 1/4 cup old fashioned oats reheated in the micro with a bit of water, 1 mini banana, 1 tbs peanut butter, and 10 g slivered almonds


Lunch: I didn’t like the hummus so I skipped on the salad and hummus in the picture. I am going to use that fabulous baby spinach for a dinner salad instead. So lunch was simply a large bowl of leftover soup! made with frozen veggies, 1 zucchini, a can of kidney beans, 1/2 vegetarian bouillon cube, and a few cups of water. It is really good!


I am not sure what to do now though because without that extra salad plus healthy fats from the hummus I am still vaguely hungry. I think I will dig into my light snack in about half an hour after I finish tomorrow’s payroll. I am leaving work right on time to go home, put on comfy sweats, grab a book, fill up gas… and head to my mani/pedi!

As indulgent as it is I am treating myself to a mani/pedi at my favorite salon (BlueSky Spaworks) once a month until the wedding! It is so relaxing and enjoyable!!!!

Have a fabulous afternoon! Cross your fingers for lots of snow tomorrow so I don’t feel bad about staying in to make turkey chili and wrap presents and bake cookies and watch Elf!


10 responses to “Happy Birthday Raz!

  1. You will find that it is like that in Philly area too. But the old poeple will run you over with their carts to get the last gallon of milk and dozen of eggs! Only diff here is that they say we’ll get 12 in and we get .2cm!!!

    Does 1/4 cup of oats will you? I am curious to try….

    Love the blog!

  2. Hi Megs! The 1/4 cup oats fills me up perfectly when I add peanut butter or nuts (or in this case both), but in the summer when I have just oats with blueberries I usually need 1/2 cup. Philly! Oh I can’t wait for Philly.

  3. Thanks for the advice, I am going to try it!! We should meet up and go to LuLu maybe…. he he he

  4. Baker’s shine – ew! Haha!

    Enjoy your mani/pedi!!

  5. Who won the cookie contest!?

  6. Megs- um, yeah, I think we actually SHOULD!!!!!

    Anonymous- I still need one more day to decide, I am waiting on one of my tastetesters to reply to me on one of the cookies, and the winner will be announced tomorrow morning! So sorry I haven’t mentioned that!!!!!!

  7. Number 3 is definitely not only in Rhode Island. We have the same thing in the midwest.

  8. Hppy birthday to the cousin!! 🙂

    Enjoy the rest of your lovely day!!

  9. People in CT buy all the bread and milk too!! and the funny part is most of the people that live in this area are transplants.. They think they are SUPPOSED to buy that stuff!! Good Luck in the snow tomorrow!

  10. Yeah, I think the snow thing is everywhere except like N.H. and Vt. and Canada probably. It definitely happens in Philly I know that for sure. But, I bet it’s only in RI that school is cancelled at noon the day before! Do you remember last year when all the kiddies got stuck on the bus until like 10 at night – that’s why school is already cancelled. Where the excitement in that?

    Also, I was just telling my mom how S & S is getting gross. I really prefer Dave’s.

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