A full on blogged weekend

My goal this weekend was to blog all my food, and I actually did it! Here it all is…

Dinner last night was in Westchester with our friends Amy and Joe. We went to Longwood Gardens for a little Christmas cheer and then over to Limoncello for dinner. We had such a blast! Too bad they live in NYC and we hardly ever see them besides at weddings!

Dinner was: 2 pieces of bread (one with oil and one with tomatoes), Chicken sorrento which was chicken with artichoke hearts, olives, and tomatoes over cappelini with a piece of eggplant covered with mozzarella, and 1/2 of our order of tiramisu! I was feeling the dessert. Also had some vino!

Longwood Gardens:

The lovebirds:

The other lovebirds (Amy and Joe):

Limoncello’s menu:


My dinner (I ate a little more than half):


The tiramisu (I ate it without the whipped cream bc I don’t like it much!):


This morning I had a pita toasted in the oven with some peanut butter and a banana. We have lovely whole wheat bread but I felt like having pita!


Then for lunch  (before picking out our wedding bands!!!!!) PB and I went to reading terminal. I had some baba ghanoush, hummus, and salad but it kind of stunk so PB bought me two cookies from one of the stations there! One sugar and one peanut butter chocolate chip. They were seriously delicious, and worth every calorie. We had such an insane blast picking out our wedding bands! It was so fun, and so easy too! We picked out mine super quickly and PBs as well. We didn’t order them yet as we want to make sure we order the right sizes but they are so perfect. As soon as we order them and have pictures I will post them!

For dinner we had our friends Robbie and Chrissy over. There is this great multi part special on HBO called The House of Saddam so that’s what we are watching right now. it is extremely interesting. For dinner we had one of my mom’s classics, breaded chicken breast and eggplant. We also had breaded zucchini and PB made some homemade pizza. And spinach salad. It was quite a feast, but PB and I often splurge on either Friday or Sunday depending on the week and like to make lots of extras for future meals. So now we can send Robbie home with lunch for tomorrow, me home with lunch for tomorrow, and PB will have lots for the next couple of days.

The assembly line, ready to go:


The eggplant frying:


The whole island set up (we won’t get a table until we move mine down to Philly):


The chicken, my favorite part:


The breaded eggplant:


PB’s homemade pizza:


I kept picking after this plate, it was all sooo good!


I hope all you lovies had a fab weekend! I am so sad I have to leave in the morning! Goodnight!


15 responses to “A full on blogged weekend

  1. The tiramisu is my favorite!

  2. Love the tiramisu 🙂

    Dinner looks great too!

  3. Homemade pizza looks great! I can’t believe you don’t like whipped cream! Sorry you have t leave tomorrow – boo.

  4. Wow, everything looks great – glad you had an awesome weekend!

  5. When were you at Longwood Gardens? Was it Saturday night???? I was there too!!!!!!!

  6. I’m not a dessert girl but you have to hold me back around tiramisu 🙂 YUM!

    Glad you had a great weekend!!

  7. Lovely, scrumptious weekend!!

  8. Looks like you had a good time! So much love in the air in this post 🙂

  9. i wanna see the wedding rings!
    So, did photographin a weekend’s worth of food make you feel crazy at all?

  10. NEVERSAYDIET- YES. weekend blogging made me crazy. too busy all the time to care about taking pictures!

  11. Fun weekend! That chicken with artichokes dish sounds amazing.

    Yea for wedding bands! Congrats!

  12. That eggplant looks great, and I’m a sucker for tiramasu. I can’t resist it! 🙂

  13. Yummy!

    I love bread with oil AND tomato. True Spanish dish:)

  14. Hi! I am a regular reader of your blog but I think this is my first post….I had to comment as I am currently a resident of the great city of Philadelphia! I ❤ Reading Terminal for all of their fresh produce and wanted to ask if you got cookes from Fourth Street Bakery in the Terminal??? Hande down the BEST cookies I have ever tasted! Ever.

  15. Hi Holly! Thanks for reading!!!

    OK so their fresh produce rocks? i can’t WAIT to move down and go buy our produce from there, and then bring it home by bike! Yes, the cookies were OBVIOUSLY from fourth street bakery- best. cookies. EVER! totally with you!

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