Retro lunch: Tuna Bomb!

I wanted a retro lunch today. Junior year of college I lived with Loco, Vickey and Bri in an apartment style dorm. Loco hated the caf more than the rest of us so her bf would often make her tuna bombs. I never made them his way as I hate mustard, but I started to eat tuna sandwiches in a modified way… with ketchup!

So today I mixed 1 can of Bumblebee tuna in water (the cans have less oz. now did anyone else notice?) with 1/2 tablespoon of classic ketchup. Delish! I had it with about 1.3 ounces of Great Harvest Dakota bread and a whole sliced cucumber. In college I prefered baby carrots or celery, but I went for the cutie cukes this time!


Oh, and did it hit the spot! It was soooo delicious and so packed with flavor, texture, and different food groups. Definitely a winning lunch!

And about that asparagus discussion of yesterday: The consensus + the market (yes I asked) says that you CAN take just a few out of a bunch and put them in a bag to buy. Yay!

7 responses to “Retro lunch: Tuna Bomb!

  1. I never thought of tuna and ketchup but I bet it is tasty. I will just have to give that a try now, won’t I.

  2. Hm – good to know about the asparagus! I really would never have thought of taking a few out 🙂

    Have a great Wednesday!!

  3. Now I know about the asparagus – thanks!!! 🙂

  4. Good news about the asparagus! Sometimes you just don’t need the WHOLE bunch!

  5. I am pretty excited about the asparagus thing- it’s always expensive to buy a whole bundle and hard to eat the whole thing by myself before it goes bad- thanks for the info!!

  6. Wish I liked tuna, but I can’t get past the smell! 😀

    Now you can buy just 5 asparagus stalks and not have any waste – yea!

  7. Tuna and ketchup? I’ve never heard of that. Hmmm…I may have to try.

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