Ahhhh…. Veggies.

I had such a veggie packed lunch I could almost FEEL the antioxidants entering my body.

3 portabella mushrooms, grilled on a pan with salt last night
3/4 bunch of asparagus, steamed on the same pan as the mushrooms, just with a cover (I had the rest of the bunch in my pasta last night)
a huge tupperware filled with fresh baby spinach
about 2-3 leftover tbs of Sabra hummus, my favorite non homemade brand


OMG it was delicious! I love lunches filled with veggies, but it is often so hard to find the time at night to prep, even though the prep only took like 10 minutes! Must remember this!

Survey: At the market must you buy the entire bunch of asparagus or can you take some away from one of the elastic wrapped bunches and buy just a little? My friend always takes just a few stalks and I have never heard of that?!


13 responses to “Ahhhh…. Veggies.

  1. Loads of vegetables = a true VeggieGirl delight!! πŸ™‚

    Never done that with asparagus.

  2. Totally thought you had to buy the entire bunch of asparagus.. Curious to hear everyone else’s thoughts

  3. Hmm… I always buy the whole thing. If I could just buy some of it I might buy it more often.

  4. I always just take what I want and put it in a plastic bag – there is nothing wrong with that and I’ve done it for 20+ years and have never been busted!

  5. They sell asparagus by weight not bundles, so there should be no problem just taking what you want. πŸ™‚

  6. I’ve never heard of doing that with asparagus but I imagine it might be different at depending on which store you go to?
    All those veggies look flavorful and delicious!

  7. LOVE meals like that!

  8. Sabra hummus is the best hummus out there! mmmm! Josh and I fly through a tub of that stuff! Love love vegis for lunch!

  9. I do that with bananas, but never thought to do it with asparagus. I guess if they are sold by weight and not bundle it is ok to do.

  10. Don’t you love a lunch like this? I know I do!

  11. Am curious- how did you eat the hummus? Did you use it as a dressing over the spinach? Eat it off a spoon? Inquiring minds what to know:)

    Love asparagus and wouldn’t have thought to only take a few. Maybe next time I’ll try that and see if someone stops me, hehe.

  12. Sagan- I dipped my fork into the hummus and then into the spinach and took a bite. mmMMMmmm

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