Shopping on the mind

My meals today will be pretty uneventful, besides the insanely delicious afternoon snack awaiting me. I didn’t have time to go grocery shopping all weekend, so that coupled with houseguests = my fridge is bare. I am out of chick peas, flour, pasta, veggies, fruits, salads, breads… you name it, i am out of it. I can’t wait to run to the market after work!

Breakfast was a leftover portion of oats with 1 banana and 1.5 tbs pb. That reminds me, I am out of nuts too!


I can’t get shopping off of my mind. I need an outfit for my FMIL’s first wedding anniversary party in March, one for a rehearsal dinner in cali in 3 weeks, my own rehearsal dinner outfit, honeymoon clothes, and the list goes on! Since I have lost weight I only have a few fancy shmancy outfits for each season that fit me, and so I need to either buy new dresses or have the old ones taken in!!!!

And re: honeymoon? I have to bring < 40 lbs worth of stuff or my suitcase won’t be allowed to come with me on the flight from Tahiti to Bora Bora. That + the fact that we will be staying in an overwater bungalow = I don’t need many clothes. Just 2 or 3 bathing suits, 2 or 3 coverups, and 2 or 3 fancy nighttime outfits that I can change up with jewelry and such. So they have to be perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My shopping philsophy is usually to buy a few classic, amazing pieces regardless of cost, and then taking care of them for years. I mix that in with my Old Navy tanks and Target long sleeve shirts (both great outfit builders) and I am set.

What is your shopping/clothing philosophy? Any tips on honeymoon shopping?!


8 responses to “Shopping on the mind

  1. I was in my bathing suit/cover-ups practically my whole honeymoon. I took WAY more clothing than I needed!

  2. Shopping philosophy = IMPULSE BUY!! 😀

  3. My shopping philosophy is usually not to settle. Sometimes I’ll go with a specific budget in mine, other times with a specific look, other times both. I don’t buy unless I find exactly what I’m looking for, even if it means a couple more shopping trips!!

  4. I agree with your “classic look” philosophy! If i find a great piece that is good quality, I buy a few in the same or different colors to last me…most of my closet is black/white/brown- you can always change up accessories or splurge at Forever 21!!

  5. I say pack light and then use it as an excuse to buy something down there. hehe.

  6. Shopping philosophy: I buy a bunch of shirts in different colors and then accessorize from there that way my wardrobe doesn’t “go out of season.”

    Have fun picking up groceries!!

  7. ok i must make a confession – i LOVEEEEEEEEEEE target clothes haha… 🙂 i also LOVE victoria’s secret – i bought 99% of my honeymoon clothes there (love their cute sundresses, etc)

  8. I share your shopping philosophy- quality over quantity! I like NICE stuff that makes me feel/look great.

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