Last chance for the cookie contest!

I am going through the Christmas cookie entries and man are they good! Last chance to enter!

Last night we got TONS done for the wedding snack packs (aka out of town bags). We relabeled 8 cases of water and did 1/3 of the boxes. I think my friends and family now think I am nuts, but I thought it was fun! Work is busy and I have to get moving so quick recap with no pics: snack was 4 oz chobani with pom seeds and shredded wheat- awesome combo. and dinner was whole foods pizza! our whole foods is amazing and has a wood fire oven. their pizza rocks!

this morning I had the same oatmeal combo as yesterday. sorry so boring and quick but work calls!

p.s. how do i post pictures? “apply” isn’t working? i hate getting used to new versions of things!


3 responses to “Last chance for the cookie contest!

  1. The new wordpress is aggravating! I use Windows LiveWriter so I’m not sure how to answer your question 😦 Sorry

    Can’t wait to see all the fab cookie recipes and woohoo for getting wedding stuff done!!

  2. Oooh, the wedding snack packs sound fabulous!! As does your Whole Foods 🙂

    Good luck at work, and enjoy your Friday!!

  3. Wood fire oven pizza is the BEST!

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