Week #16: $21 (Personal)

I know I have been bad at this over the last two weeks, and I realized it’s because this season involves a lot of entertaining. So, for the sake of accuracy and such, I will shop for myself and my normal entertaining on Mondays, and shop for weekend entertaining on Thursdays. That way you and I can see the difference. I will categorize each shopping as either personal, or entertaining. In general I will be spending a lot more on food for the month of December, and that is ok with me, as it is a season of celebration and holiday love and snowflakes and hot chocolate and snowy dreams.

This week I did my shopping Monday night. I am moving into my dad’s house in about 6-7 months as I will be living there for the last 6 weeks before the wedding. That way I can get some quality time with my dad, rent out my condo, and move my stuff down before the insanity of the wedding. Because of that I know I need to start working on using up my pantry foods. I have tons of pastas/grains/frozen veggies/beans/ jarred spreads/crackers/cookies etc. that I need to start eating. Therefore this week’s market shopping was quite low and simple. On the list?


Orzo for making my favorite soup (just broth + orzo, the way my mom used to make it)
3 bottles of Smart Water for my office
1 huge pack of Sargento mozzarella cheese
1 bag of dough because I forgot PB froze some homemade dough for me two weeks ago!
4 bananas
frozen mixed vegetables
2 baby cans of Tutto Rosso tomato puree for pizzas
1 huge Chobani 0%.


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