The firemen saved the day!

Oh no, don’t get too worried. But, it was an eventful day. Let me backtrack…

I had no appetite this afternoon but knew I had to eat something so I could take medicine so I had a Kashi TLC trail mix bar and got rid of my fever. I was feeling a little crazy and not good so I am happy that I did what I did. I think age is making me smarter.


And the tea! I drank so much Lipton black tea and hot water today and I think it made me feel better.

After work I grabbed a few groceries (more on that in the weekly experiment tomorrow) and headed home to make some feel better soup. When I walked in my cousin claimed it smelled like gas, and I could smell something too but since my nose is so stuffed I couldn’t really tell. Gas leaks are scary though so I called DrumMajor and asked her what to do- I remember her telling me she had a similar situation recently. She encouraged me to call the fire department so I went over to my laptop, looked up the number (not an emergency so no 911 needed), and called. They told me to evacuate the house and that they would be there in 5 minutes. About 2.5 minutes later THREE firetrucks showed up. I was soooo mortified!

Anyway, come to find out it just smelled like a little paint thinner or primer and their radars came up with nothing. It was so embarrassing, but I am thankful that they didn’t act annoyed or anything. In fact the captain even insisted to not be afraid to call back if we think we smell something again. He, and the rest of the staff, were so nice. Thank you so much Fire Department!


For dinner I had some organic chicken broth with a little orzo and some homemade pizza. I couldn’t really taste it so I just focused on the hot soup and now I am enjoying some hot water. Sorry for the lack of dinner picture but I was still a little worked up from the fire department.

I am off to watch Gossip Girl and hopefully feel better. I didn’t even bother unpacking tonight but it’s ok; I’ll do it tomorrow. Sometimes you need a day off!!!

Also, I know that I want Lily of Gossip Girl’s hair from this scene, whatever it is… What do I call this hairstyle? Is it a chignon? Because I described my ideal hairstyle as a chignon to my stylist but now I see this pic and it looks almost exactly like what I want!!!



Have a fab night my friends!


11 responses to “The firemen saved the day!

  1. owww my! What a crazy night! Yes, I would call that a chignon. Did I send you this website before? Lots of good hair ideas:

  2. Whew!! Thank goodness for the firemen, indeed!!

    Hooray for Gossip Girl!! 🙂

  3. Wow, that is scary.

    I love Lily’s hair 🙂

  4. Glad you’re feeling a little better, I love that Lipton Black tea!

    I had a Gossip Girl inspired chignon done on my hair this weekend for a formal event, and I think it turned out great!

  5. I’m glad everything is okay! I worked at Starbucks during college and someone smelled gas one day. I swear they sent every fire truck in the county to block off the shopping center. I know how that feels!

    That hair is gorgeous! 🙂

  6. Better safe than sorry – I’m so glad everything’s OK!

    That hair style is great – go for it, girl! How are wedding plans coming along???

  7. Crazy night, but I am glad all is OK! Feel better!

  8. gina (fitnessista)

    i would definitely call that a chignon. it’s going to look gorgeous on you!
    so glad the fireman showed up.. and FAST! thank goodness it was no biggie
    have a wonderful night!

  9. Rather be safe than sorry!! Good thing you called them just in case 🙂

    Love the hair style, it’s very cute!

  10. all’s well that ends well!

  11. wow – good you called. I adore the hair in the picture!! good choice.

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