A delay before 7:30 am

It is hard to believe it but there is actually a flight BEFORE my 7:30 flight today, causing my flight to be slightly delayed. Insanity!

Flying a lot sure has taken its toll on me, and I can’t wait until it stops a bit! I hve a great plan to get me through all this flying though. Here it is:

-buy water as soon as you get through security. Hydration is improtant and I make sure to drink at every chance I have.
-pack emergency snacks just in case. This has come in handy more than you know.
-only bring a carryon, if at all possible. I save a solid 15 minutes every time I leave the airport just by not checking a bag.
-Bring entertaiment! Iphone, magazines, wedding stuff. I have it all.
-go incognito. I often wear some sort f hat when flying in the morning.that way I don’t need to worry about looking tired about putting on makeup.
-dress up! Even though I wear a hat, I wear a nice outfit to fly. I feel better about myself and more awake this way.

These may not be the most practical tips, but they male the experience much more enjoyable for me.

See you later with breakfast!!!


8 responses to “A delay before 7:30 am

  1. Sorry about the flight! Good luck!

  2. Hang in there with the delays, Sabrina!!

  3. Have a safe trip! Sorry about the delays!

  4. Sorry flying took so much out of you, it is very exhausting. Great tips though, I also like to fly in “real” clothes, for some reason it makes me feel more organized and put together 🙂

  5. gina (fitnessista)

    my flying survival kit is slightly different.. especially the fact that i dress like a homeless person when i fly, haha. you’re probably just like the cute girl i saw yesterday wearing a hat, cowlneck sweater with a beaded necklace and supertall heels. in my juicy hoodie, jeans and uggs, i felt like a super scrub.
    due to my insane flight delay, i’m just now catching up on blogs but i hope you had a very happy thanksgiving!
    have a safe trip!

  6. Great flying survival list!

  7. i definitely do all those things too! I also ALWAYS bring a coat or sweatshirt b/c I find planes to be freezing! 😀

  8. I think those are great tips! I fly a lot too and I always feel better (and always treated better) when I am presentable and wearing a nice outfit.

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