Sharing holidays with your new family

Sharing holidays with your new loved ones can be so hard, especially if you live in different places. Last year Christmas was insane, so PB and I decided to change things up this year.

Christmas Eve is really important to me and my family. It was my mom’s favorite holiday to celebrate, and I have lots of memories of belting out Christmas tunes in the kitchen while helping her cook, or putting up a Christmas tree and watching my brother and dad struggle because we bought a tree that was too big. One year we actually had the tie the tree up against the light fixture so it wouldn’t fall (again). On Christmas Eve we have tons of family come over and it is a crazy evening. Then around 11:45 mostly everyone rushes over to church for Midnight Mass which is said for someone very close to me. Afterwards we go back home, energized from mass, and eat more desserts and play the piano. It is a lovely holiday.

Last year most of the above happened, but then first thing in the morning Christmas Day PB and I loaded ourselves and our presents into his car and made the 5 hour drive down to Philly to celebrate the day with his family. That was not fun.

Since Christmas day falls on a Thursday this year we have decided to spend both Christmas Eve and day with my family, and then drive down to Philly to spend the weekend with his. I am super excited about this! This way we will get to spend quality time with both families!!!

And for Thanksgiving next week we will be with his family again. It is going to be a blast. In the morning we will watch the parade which passes by PB’s place, then we will go and spend time with the family and “family”. He has a group of about 5 families that are as tight as blood who all get together for Thanksgiving. It is fabulous!

Anyway, I am just really excited and blessed for the holiday season. Everything is falling into place as it should be.


8 responses to “Sharing holidays with your new family

  1. This will be so lovely and exciting for you!! Enjoy the holidays IMMENSELY, with your “new” family 🙂

  2. I am incredibly excited for you!! The most important thing to remember is, it’s not about a ‘day’- it’s about spending time with family; who cares if it’s on a particular numbered date?

  3. ah, the holidays are really hard to divide for some. my mom is really “into” xmas, but she lives out of the country, and veconomist’s brother also lives out of the US, and only comes home once a year (christmas, of course.)
    politics, politics.

  4. Balancing family during the holidays can be so challenging and stressful. Sounds like you have a great compromise!

  5. The holidays are difficult, espec’ when both sides of the family live in different places. My fiancé’s family lives here in England and my family is all in Canada so it’s VERY tough for us.

  6. Yay for getting to spend some quality time with both families!

  7. Sounds like you’ve got a good plan!

    Christmas Eve is really the best, isn’t it. 😀

    Happy Thanksgiving Sabrina and PB!!!


  8. Happy Thanksgiving! That’s really sweet that you’ll be able to spend all of Christmas with your family. That’s gotta be really tough to have to divide time between two families… am glad I’m not at that point quite yet.

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