Didn’t want it to be over….

Dinner was so delicious tonight I didn’t want to finish the bowl! When my friends were in town we bought some small shells for the minestrone soup so I decided to use those as my pasta base. Here’s what I had:

2 oz small shells (measured when dry)
1 oz feta cheese
sprinkle crushed red pepper
1 small zucchini, “fried” in a pan


MMMMMmmmm so good!

(Please ignore my hideous pj hahhahaha)

And confession: I hate mac n cheese! My mother NEVER made it growing up and I only tried it for the first time a few months ago. I thought it was disgusting. (Major apology to all you mac n cheese lovers!)

After work I bought all of the OOT (out of town) basket goodies and made it to the gym right on time for the crazy class. The same lady taught it and again I only burned 400 calories but all my muscles are sore so the annoyance + lack of calorie burn is a fair trade. After the class I jumped on the treadmill for about 12 minutes. I did one mile between 7.5 and 8 and then walked for a few minutes. It was a really fun Monday workout.

I am going to relax for 20 minutes  with a hot cup of tea, pack up my lunch, and watch some tv and then blowdry my hair and get to bed!

Tip of the day: Pack/make your lunch while you are cooking/eating your dinner. I either make double of my dinner or just throw something on the stove while my dinner is cooking. For example, While the pasta was cooking I cooked the zucchini for dinner but also chopped up another zucchini. Meanwhile I wrapped up a piece of bread and cheese for a mini grilled cheese for tomorrow. Then after the pasta was done I put the other chopped zucchini + some veggie broth in that pot to make a little soup to go with my lunch. Last, I put a banana on the island next to the fridge so I wouldn’t forget it when I grabbed my lunch from the fridge tomorrow morning. When I am done with my tea in a bit I will put away the soup, clean the pot, and head to bed. So simple and practically effortless.

6 responses to “Didn’t want it to be over….

  1. Great dinner and Tip of the Day!!

  2. That is a good tip!! I’ll ignore the part where you said you don’t like mac and cheese 😉

    Have a relaxing night!

  3. ITs ok I HATE mac & Cheese too.

  4. i LOVE the plates! where from?

  5. no apologies needed. I love mac and cheese, but wish I didnt. I probably wouldnt have gained 15 pounds in college if I hated it.

  6. I am sad I turned down this dinner invite! It looks so yummy! On another note.. I am very excited to help with the OOT boxes next week! Will you make sure to “take a picture for my blog”? haha. xoxo

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