Wedding: Anyone who knows me…

…knows I find a song I love and play it on repeat until everyone around me gets nauseous with the idea of hearing it one more time. Right now I am listening to PB and my wedding song. For some reason it always came into my head after I met him, and I sang him many of my own versions of it, so it was a natural choice for us. I love listening to it and going off to daydream land… thinking of our first dance and gliding around in my wedding dress. You guys are definitely going to get sick of all of my gushy talk + wedding talk by the time the summer comes!

Speaking of wedding!!!! My girlies are going to come to my dad’s in 2 Thursdays (the one after Thanksgiving) to start putting together some of the DIY projects! I’m so excited they are going to help! So far DrumMajor, my sister in law, and Raz are coming!!!! DrumMajor = my best friend since 14 years old and Raz is my cousin/roomie/colleague. The maid of honor + future sister in law + Loco all live out of town so they are out.

I wanted a clean, classic but romantic design to use here and there for the wedding. I snooped around and finally found this one… it is the lowercase letter “i” in a font called flower ornament. Random ay? I designed this little number to go on the outside of the out of town gable boxes:


Our invitations have that same symbol but faded to the color of the second layer of the invitation (a goldeny color). I have a lot of other little details up my sleeve but just in case any guests are reading this I want to keep some things a surprise!

I know that I LOVED seeing Lindsay and Tina‘s details as they went along, and then seeing their wedding pictures, and I am loving Caitlin‘s details too! I think that after asking them all to share more with us I should share some wedding details too!

Snack was same as yesterday’s, but even more delicious. Check it out here. About the vanilla extract. Kath mentioned the below brand in February I think and I decided to try it. Let me tell you, there is no comparison. It is amazing.


Gmail has new setting features to change the way your screen looks. Go to Settings -> themes

Oh! And random question:
Do you all share your blogs with everyone you know? I have been very selective in sharing, as I am a little shy about it. But over time I am more comfortable sharing. Thoughts?


17 responses to “Wedding: Anyone who knows me…

  1. Hey- love the font! Very pretty! I share with all my friends but not really work people 😉

  2. My good friends and family know about my blog, but work people and any other newer friends – I definitely feel shy about telling them! I love hearing about wedding plans – keep em coming!

  3. I like the wedding details 🙂

    I had my blog as my away message up one day and this guy from work LOVES it. His wife too. I actually finally brought it up at lunch yesterday because I was out with my team and I wanted a pic of my lunch. They kind of knew about it because the other guy from work is always coming over to talk to me about it. But yeah, I’m definitely always nervous to mention it.

    As for the growing out hair thing – it’s annoying. I always cut mine really short and then regret it, then try to grow it out, get frustrated, cut it short, etc… I’m trying to grow it out for real this time. Last time I got it cut was the shortest ever and I hated it.

    Happy THURSDAY!

  4. I love hearing everyone’s wedding details so bring it on, girl!
    I keep my blog on the down low at work, but all my friends and family know about it. When I started my blog, I wasn’t “showing” my kid’s faces, but I am much more comfortable in blogland now and plaster their faces whenever I can. I still don’t use their names, though…

  5. I love reading about all the wedding details too!

    I haven’t just called up my friends or and family adn been linke “I have a blog, you should check it out!” but eventually as I hang out with some one it becomes pretty obvious when I’m taking pictures of my food and stuff. I am very open about my blog and so far the response has been good from my friends and family.

  6. what’s your wedding song? ! spill!

  7. I generally share my blog with people who would appreciate it – the funny part is that they end up telling all of these people, and I find out people I’d never expect to be reading my blog – are.

    I think you should share yours because it’s a great blog and super informative!

  8. Keep the wedding details coming. I love them.

    I use the vanilla bean paste from that brand.

    I am selective who I share with too!

  9. YOUR BLOG IS AWESOME! You should totally share it with everyone!! 😉

  10. gina (fitnessista)

    i love the wedding details, too 😀
    i’m shy about the blog, too for some reason..
    on a mission to get some of that vanilla…
    hope you have a great night!

  11. huh.
    Id not thought about it before but I DONT really ramble about MizFit to my realworldfriends.

    I think thats because I assume they are sick of the real thing 🙂

    Im the same off line as on….

  12. You’re getting married on mine and my husband’s (almost) 1st anniversary! 🙂 We got married July 26, 2008. YAY so excited for you, time flies and you’re going to have a blast! Can’t wait to see more wedding details! 🙂

    (oh, and I share my blog w/ most people. I actually have a link to it on my facebook profile and just heard from an old high school friend that she’s been inspired to start her own blog!)

  13. I grew up in Sarasota, FL, so that’s where we got married. 🙂 Had the ceremony in a gorgeous chapel and the reception at a beautiful country club. 🙂 🙂 (If you have facebook I won’t be creeped out if you friend me – I have a couple photo albums from the wedding up there if you want to look at them). 🙂

  14. LOL – i am EXACTLY the same with songs – I’m a notorious “repeat player” 😀

  15. loving the design…

  16. uh, and yes, not shy about thehappygoat…actually, i take that back–shy about sharing it with coworkers.

  17. I like the wedding symbol. It’s very unqiue.

    That vanilla is the best, but have you tried vanilla beans? They are even better!

    I share my blog with all my family and some of my friends. If it comes up, I tell them. It seems weird not to. Co-workers, etc. don’t k now.

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