Battle Pumpkin: An Introduction to the Battles

So PB and I are total dorks and this Saturday we are hosting our 3rd battle, iron chef style. It started last fall when we had Battle Apple. We invited my cousins over to judge and each made an appetizer, entree, and dessert for them to judge. I lost. Then in April we had Battle Lemon (I miss my long hair), which was the same type of thing except a little classier with judging sheets and such. And I won, obvs. Now, this weekend, we are hosting Battle Pumpkin! There is a twist this time though… PB and I are each making a couple of things to enter in the contest, but all of the guests are invited to enter it as well! I am really excited and hope they come with some great ideas!!!!! I will post all the pics and recipes on Sunday for your pleasure, including my BSI submission. I am making  two entrees since I know most people will make dessert.

Here is the to do list from today until then:

-Design ballot sheets and print them on orange paper
-Buy a few pumpkins to decorate the place
-Clean the house
-Buy some plastic plates and cutlery since we are bound to run out of mine
-Go to the market and buy needed ingredients
-Finalize the recipes in my head and see if anyone has made something similar and has tips
-Set the table

We are making some extra food in case no one decides to enter and we don’t have enough. Here is the menu so far:

-Hummus with crackers, carrots, and celery
-2 homemade pizzas
-A big salad
-Sodas, water and seltzer

Then for my submissions I am making double so that people can enjoy it for dinner too… but those are a secret for now!!!!!


7 responses to “Battle Pumpkin: An Introduction to the Battles

  1. aw that sounds so fun!!

  2. Wow that sounds like a fabulous idea! Can’t wait to see the pictures!

  3. I love that idea, its adorable!

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