0 calories burned, 0 minutes

Today is a nice rest day for me. I think I deserve it. I zombied up to bed at 9 last night and thought I would read for awhile but I fell right asleep. Woke up at 6:10 AM and felt refreshed. I think I could have slept more though. I got into work early (7:10) since I have to leave at quarter of 5 to go get my hair done! I am just having it colored as I need to grow it out for the wedding!

I think there is nothing more feminine than long hair and I think I really want to have it now. The problem is getting through that stage where it is long but not long enough and looks and feels awkward. I hate that period and always end up cutting it. Any tips on getting through it?

For breakfast I had a big piece (almost 3 oz) of Great Harvest nine grain bread with peanut butter, 1/2 with farmer’s market raspberry jam (it’s almost gone!) and half with the other half of my apple from last night. With a big cup of Lipton regular black tea.


Let me tell you- don’t underestimate rest days. They are just as important as exercising and will make you feel refreshed when you go back the next day!

10 responses to “0 calories burned, 0 minutes

  1. Just saw your post from last night – what do pom seeds taste like? Are they tart?

    Fab breakfast as always!

  2. I totally agree with having rest days and I am so glad you had one!

  3. Yes, rest is so super important! I am so bad about it! Glad you got a good night of sleep!

  4. ksgoodeats: pom seeds are sweet and tart at the same time i would say. sometimes they are really sweet but other times less sweet. they are definitely juicy when they pop in your mouth. you should try them- especially now while they are in their high season!

  5. So true about rest days! As for the hair thing, I just try to get as many different kinds of hair clips, barrettes, etc. to perk up the awkward in-between. Enjoy your off day!

  6. I totally agree with you about rest days! They make the next workout something to look forward to!

  7. Rest days are very important!

    Can’t help you out with the hair stuff- I’ve always had pretty long hair. But everyone I know who has their hair short and tries to grow it long ends up cutting it, just like you said, for the same reason. Honestly? I never think that their hair looks awkward or anything. I think its just because when you’ve had short hair for such a long time, you just aren’t used to it being slightly longer so it feels odd. But no worries, it doesn’t look it!

  8. You definitely just reminded me that I NEED to give my body rest days – I never do 😦 Thanks for the inspiration, Sabrina!! You’re fabulous.

  9. hey! I just started a bloggy, i love yours! And all of your gorgeous plate/mug combos, the black and white swirly one!! I ‘m adding u to my blog roll, and for the hair thing, I just rock cute accessories like hats/headbands and fun earrings to distract myself, then pretty soon it grows out before you know it! Have a great day!

  10. Couldn’t agree more — rest days are SO important! Sometimes I even take two in a row (weekend) for double the effect. 🙂

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