An amazing leftover lunch

I was sooooo hungry this morning from my super light breakfast- but that’s what I wanted to feel! Around 11 I just couldn’t take it anymore so I had 150 g of carrot sticks (that have been in my fridge since last week as I didn’t want to eat them on their assigned day- poor carrots!)


Then at 12 I warmed up some leftovers from yesterday’s luncheon with the ladies.

I had a bowl of Loco’s minestrone soup + 2 pieces of leftover pizza (made by yours truly). The soup had way too much pasta in it so as I was eating it I picked it all out and had a little mound. I really just wanted the hot veggies anyway- I hate pasta in my soup! It was really yummy though. and Oh my the pizza! It was even better warmed up today.

The whole lunch together:

Close up of the soup, pre-pasta removal:

Close up of the pizza, which was insanely good:

I feel perfectly satisfied. I am trying to bulk up my lunches a little bit so that I only need one small afternoon snack to carry me through to dinner.

Did I mention I am stoked for the gym?!?!?!

Does anyone have a great pumpkin pie recipe? PB and I need to make one to bring over his “aunt’s” house for Thanksgiving. I say aunt in quotes because he has a lot of close family friends that he grew up calling auntie and uncle who are not actually related! I can’t wait for the lonnnng weekend! We are closing our office on Thursday AND Friday this year yayyyy!


8 responses to “An amazing leftover lunch

  1. my mom makes a pumpkin chiffon that rocks, but it’s not all that healthy… haven’t tried to lighten it up yet 🙂 let me know if you’re interested

  2. TTFN300- hey girl- i don’t care at ALL about it being healthy because it is to bring to a party where everyone is looking for the TASTIEST, not the healthiest. please send it my way~!

  3. My comment got spammed!!! Hope you received it!!! 😦

  4. Leftover pizza is always so good. I prefer eating food earlier on in the day and then just having smaller snacks for dinner:)

  5. Congratulations on the award, Sabrina!

  6. gina (fitnessista)

    mmm i love leftover pizza. COLD! mmmm!
    the soup looks delicious, too!
    hope you have a great day!

  7. i want that pizza so bad. i haven’t had pizza in ages. that cheese just looks oh so gooey.

    geez, i’m have non-vegan food withdrawals haha

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