A Ladies’ Lunch

We had such a lovely lunch today! Loco made her famous “minestrone” soup and I made a couple of pizzas and salad. So delicious, and fun to all be together!

We then snuggled and watched a movie!

“ever thine
ever mine
ever ours”

What movie do you think we watched?

Last night we had a blast but I was off duty as my friends kept making fun of me for taking pictures of my food! So all I can share with you are a couple of pics of the fun from last night and the pics of our yummy lunch from today!

We had such a lovely girls’ weekend and I was so sad to see all my girlfriends leave! Thanks for visiting us G!!!! I can’t wait until we all get together again in Cali in January with our boys for Martino’s wedding!!!!

Oh and funny little story.. We decided to go running yesterday and the minute we set off it started DOWNPOURING! We got really soaked. Not fun. Made it 5 minutes and went home hahaha!

Now I am off to do laundry and clean and watch The Notebook and miss PB like crazy. I hate weekends off! Only 5 days until he comes here though, yipee!!!

oh, and one last beauty… taken by gina of loco and i napping on the couch



11 responses to “A Ladies’ Lunch

  1. Aww, so much fun!! 😀

  2. it looks like you girls really enjoyed yourself – that is awesome!

  3. Sounds like soo much fun! What makes the minestrone “famous?” Running in a light drizzle-sometimes fun; running in downpour-Nooooo! Haha. Have a lovely end to your weekend; Tomorrow’s 4 days!

  4. jess- loco made the minestrone at least 20 times for us since i’ve met her, therefore it is her famous minestrone! and it is not even really a minestrone, more of the perfect throw together soup! yay for tomorrow being 4 dayS!

  5. Aw fun times with the gals! Love it! haha and I love y’all napping on the couch, naps with friends are the best.

  6. gina (fitnessista)

    oh how i LOVE sex and the city!
    looks like you girls had a wonderful time!
    enjoy your night ❤

  7. What fun! Love all the food pics!

  8. How fun! Girls nights/weekends are sooo necessary! Glad you had a blast! Food looks great!

  9. Oh my goodness, it was down pouring yesterday! I would have immediately went back home.

    Yay for a fun time with the girls and for 5 days until PB. 😀

  10. Oh fun!! Looks like such a great time!

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