What a wonderful feeling!

The kitchen’s clean, the floors have been swept, the table’s set. oh it feels so good to be in a clean house! I did just about everything on yesterday’s task list and feel great about it!

Here’s how I set up the table:


I’ll put up a pic tonight with all the food on it too!!! I decided to keep it simple but fresh looking. Do you like it?

For breakfast I am sorry to announce I had the USUAL! I almost went for a little granola plank instead of coconut but the extra few calories just weren’t worth it to me- the coconut is so good!


And PB’s breakfast in Philly.. it’s a frittata with potatoes, spinach and mushrooms:


This morning I got up and went to the gym for a quick 25 minute workout. I wish I had more time but it takes me 15 minutes to get to and from my gym so while it’s cold out and I have to work out inside I will have to settle for shorter, more intense workouts.

Thanks for all of your great HRM advice the other day. Some of your tips included:
-changing the battery
-wetting it better
-tightening the strap

Well, I tightened the strap this morning (thanks, Caitlin) and it worked! It still took about 5 minutes but it worked perfectly after my quick warmup. I was so excited! I burned about 250 calories during my workout- a lot for me for 25 minutes. I was smoking! I ran on the treadmill between 6.5 and 8.0, with a 60 second walk 3 times to change music/fix hair/fix strap.

What tips do you all have for staying on track during the weekends? It is definitely the hardest time of the week for me for a few reasons:
-I am not on a schedule
-There are better goodies around
-I eat out more!

My tips for staying on track:
-Exercise! When I workout on the weekends I tend to eat better
-Pick ONE special treat when out to dinner… EITHER wine or dessert, or appetizer or bread basket. There is no need to have a 3 course meal with wine every time you go out.
-Don’t skip meals! Sometimes I get so busy on the weekends I forget to eat and then I end up overcompensating later on because I am so ravenous. Don’t do that haha

Please share your tips with me!

13 responses to “What a wonderful feeling!

  1. Such a great feeling, indeed 🙂

    Love the table set-up!! So chic.


    **How to stay on track over the weekend = realize that it’s not the last weekend of your life!! Treat it normally.

  2. Love the table set-up! Your oats look yummy and I love your travel mug.

  3. I love your table set up. Am a little green with envy of your table, I currently set up my coffee table. I try and run about an hour a day and lift. I find that scheduling 5 or 10k (3.1 or 6.2) mile races to run in over the weekend help me stay on track as well. Sometimes my Saturday night is a little decadent (champagne) and Sunday is sort of a treat (Thai food or somesuch). Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for checking my blog!

  4. Your table looks beautiful!

    I try to keep busy on the weekends so I don’t mindlessly eat!

    Happy Friday!

  5. Your table looks so lovely!!!

  6. table looks cute!

    glad your HRM works!!

  7. drink lots of water! i tend to load up on coffee on the weekends, and it throws me off all day.

    Your table is beautiful. can’t wait to see the food.

  8. The table set up looks greats! Regarding the breakfast, I have repeats ALL the time but in my mind, “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it!” 🙂

    Happy Friday and I hope you don’t mind if I add you to my blogroll?

  9. I do like the table. Modern, yet still classic!

    About the Back to Basics challenge, it’s going well for me. I mean it’s not as exciting to blog about as past challenges. I’ll talk about it more on the blog soon. For Mark, ummm not so much going well I don’t think. 😀

  10. Table looks great! Those are the best ways to stay on track. I also just make sure that I’m keeping busy doing all those little chores and tasks I don’t have time for during the week- that way I can’t just sit around munching all day long:)

  11. The table looks great! I bet your party will be a hit!

  12. Love the table setting, very minimalist and chic! I make sure I’m always hydrated… and if I’m uber snacky mood I make a cup of tea with milk and stevia before deciding if I really need that cookie/chips/etc.

  13. love the table setting sabrina! tres chic!

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