Afternoon Snack: Chobani Blueberry

I am in love.

No Joke. I was maybe going to wait until tomorrow try a Chobani but I couldn’t resist. I was feeling like a sweet and I considered raiding the candy bowl when a light bulb went off in my head and I remembered the yogurts.

Tiffany knows what she’s doing by sending out samples here and there. I am addicted. I had a Chobani blueberry (140 cals) with 1 of 2 bars of a Kashi TLC Roasted almond crunch package all crumbled up in the yogurt. OMG the yogurt is so creamy! There are 3 ingredients in this kind: milk, blueberries, and sugar, plus the usual cultures that make yogurt yogurt. Yes it has 20 g of sugar- but it was sooo worth it! I will admit I didn’t mix it up entirely, leaving some of the blue goo at the bottom, but I mixed it enough to have a nice blue yogurt.


This snack brought me back to my childhood where my brother and I made my mom constantly buy Yoplait strawberry yogurt to have for our afternoon snack. I felt like I was eating ice cream and a fun snack all at once!!!!! I am PSYCHED to try the other flavors. Oh, and this totally beats pumpkin yogurt.

What is your favorite brand of yogurt? Why? Also, what is your favorite yogurt combo?

I really like to have my yogurt with something crunchy and with a bit of fat so that I stay full longer… plus I really like different textures of food together so creamy + crunchy is a perfect combo for me.


7 responses to “Afternoon Snack: Chobani Blueberry

  1. hahahh sabrina!!! no, he’s throwing up the university of miami “U” symbol! LOL

    and seriously, when is this wonderful tiffany going to send me chobani!?

  2. I only have one Chobani sample left 😦 They are so good!!

    I guess my favorite would have to be the Fage yogurt with the fruit “dippers” on the side…but I LOVE the availability of Oikos greek yogurt made my Stoneyfield, and I LOVE to mix it with cinnamon, peaches, and Kashi GoLean…my new favorite addition is pumpkin 🙂

  3. Haha, yay I’m SO glad you like it; I love it when memories are brought back. You definitely made a better choice than the snacky candy bowl 😉

    My favorite yogurts change on my mood, haha. I like plain lucerne which I mix cereal in when I don’t want something super thick. But nothing beats a good greek yogurt! Trader Joe’s has a reasonable priced plain that’s Their brand, so I like that specifically for the price- but it doesn’t come in single servings 😦 I’ve actually never tried Flavored greek yogurt though!

  4. Um blueberry Chobani is my favorite ever. I fell in love after the free samples I got and now craaaave the thick, lucious, creaminess of Chobani – and with blueberries?? Yes, please!

  5. It’s true. Tiffany ain’t no punk!
    Somehow, I prefer Oikos. If I’m not eating Greek yogurt, I like Cascade Farms!

  6. greek yogurt lover

    Who makes chobani? I went to wheir website but it is down…

  7. rhodeygirltests

    greek yogurt lover- Agro-Farma, Inc., and they do not currently make other products, unlike the fabulous Stonyfield Farms 😉

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