Lunch at home is so nice

I wish I could have lunch at home every day.

I haven’t worked much today. I got into the office, assessed the emails + quickbooks, and headed out for a long drive- not business related. When I got back it was already 12:45 so I hustled home to eat some lunch. I had a bowl of leftover turkey bean chili with 1/2 oz of mexican blend cheese and a tall glass of grapefruit seltzer water.


It is so super nice to have lunch at home, at a nice table, on nice plates. I wish I could go home every day, seriously.

On my way home (45 minute drive) I broke out my carrot sticks (150 g) to munch on. They held me over perfectly.


I am about to make a cup of tea and head back to the office. I have tons of work to do!! Will need to stay focused! I am meeting with my friend KC tonight to discuss hiring her to do my wedding hair!!!!! I am psyched! Then family dinner- with PB in town which is always super nice.


10 responses to “Lunch at home is so nice

  1. I felt the same way yesterday! Even if you bring food from home, it’s not the same as being home to enjoy it and prepare it.

  2. is your HRM tight enough on your chest? i got the small strap but i had to jimmy rig it to be tigher.

  3. Not much work? Sounds like a wonderful day 😉 That is so fun that you might have your friend do your hair? Hooray!

  4. have a nice dinner tonight 🙂 Lunch at home sounds really nice. I like it way better than lunch at work.

  5. having a chance to sit down and enjoy your food in a nice setting is priceless! Any ideas as to what the wedding hairstyle will be?

    Have fun tonight!!!

  6. Caitlin- I think you might be right. It is kind of loose right now bc I didn’t want it to be tight but I didn’t realize it had to be? I will check that out and let you know if it works!

    jess- yes I have an idea of what I want, but I am going to wait and see if my hair will be long enough! i’ll let you know tomorrow!

  7. Hooray for homey lunches! 😀

    HAVE FUN!!

  8. I love those long car rides during the work day!

    Yay for your wedding hair -t ake pictures of the trial!!! And be sure you speak up – I was kind of afraid to during the trial – but once I started – it all came out!

  9. Your chili looks yummy! Hope tonight is fun!

  10. I need to make some of that chili for sure. seems ideal for this time of year.

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