You have to be KIDDING me.

Going to rush through the meals part so that I can get to the reason for the title of this post.

Afternoon snackies:
1.5 oz fage 2% with 85 g pumpkin, 7 g chocolate chips, 1/2 cup golean cereal, and 1/8 granola plank


A small orange- this was amazing


and a kashi tlc trail mix bar since I knew I wouldn’t have dinner until 7:30 and I was feeling dizzy from hunger. (which by the way, is bizarre right? I’ve had plenty to eat today!)


I met with the DJ tonight and I definitely want to go with him. Just need to talk it over with PB, but seriously, this guy is awesome!!!! When I got home I threw together a grilled cheese and some tomato soup. I think I am just not meant to have tomato soup because even my homemade version tonight didn’t really do the trick. I don’t really like tomato sauce that much as it is and I think tomato soup reminds me too much of sauce. Anyhoo, I ate it because it WAS warm and filling and good, just not fantastic. My grilled cheese was a MASSIVE one made with 6 oz of Great Harvest dakota bread and 2 oz of american cheese. I did this purposely so I could eat half tonight and half tomorrow for lunch. I prefer a super thick half sandwich over a thin full sandwich.


Now, on to why I am royally annoyed. I bought Stop and Shop brand sugar snap peas because I thought they would make a great crunchy snack or addition to dinner. Last night I was supposed to have some but if you recall I ended up eating hummus with crackers. Here’s why:


Do you see that? Yep, it says PRODUCT OF CHINA. Are you kidding me? First of all, China has different food standards than in the US, second of all, what the heck is wrong with sugar snap peas in the U.S.? Anyway, I was so grossed out that I threw away both packages (I had bought two). Yes you read that right!!!! I threw them away! And will never buy something without checking it thoroughly first! You would think plain frozen veggies would be safe! Such B.S. I am so mad about this. We are talking food, not even food substance. Makes me wonder where the food substances come from. Are other foods being made in China and brought here? Thoughts? Am I wrong to be so thoroughly annoyed and angry?


13 responses to “You have to be KIDDING me.

  1. Peas from China?!?!?! WTF??? I’m with you 100%, girl!!

  2. It’s scary what happens when you really start paying attention to labels, not just in food but in anything….the government here and the FDA covers up more toxic chemicals and such…things that would never be allowed overseas….just have to be diligent in checking.

  3. ughhhh what a let down! I need to start checking on stuff like that! I am so glad that you found a great dj!

  4. I never think about stuff like that, so I can’t really weigh in. BUT, I am SO happy that you found a great DJ!
    I weigh out my chocolate chips too. πŸ™‚

  5. Sorry about the snap peas! 😦

    But at least your pumpkin yogurt looks amazing! πŸ™‚

  6. Oh, good point! I never look at the labels on food like that, and I know I should. Thanks for the reminder!

  7. That pumpkin yogurt mix looks fantastic!

  8. I try to make sure I buy all my foods local, so i totally know how peeved you are! i would be too!!!

  9. No you’re not wrong – that’s really disappointing, and it should be totally unnecessary. I don’t understand why supermarkets perpetuate this non-local thing. So frustrating.

  10. huh.

    if youre wrong
    then Im wrong
    and we dont wanna be right.


  11. A lot of spices are from China.

  12. I don’t care for tomato soup either and I loooove tomatoes.

    That is ridiculous re: snap peas!

  13. wholefoodswholeme

    ohmygod i sympathise about this whole chinese food fiasco SO much – it’s on the news all the time in japan, poisonous things creeping into various foods – we found out recently that the frozen edamame we used to get from the japanese food store near us is from china, it is so sad 😦

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