Where’s my oatmeal?

I was so sad when I got to my office this morning. I thought I had one little serving of oats left, but it looks like I didn’t! I was really disappointed and briefly considering rushing home (1 mile away) to make up a quick batch, but I have too much work to do!

So instead I took a piece out of my lunch to have for brekkie: an arnold’s sandwich thin!

Breakfast was:
1 arnold sandwich thin
app. 1.5 tbs of peanut butter
1 medium banana

With tea of course!

360 calories
14 g fat
58 g carbs

Be back in a bit with the turkey burger recipe!


5 responses to “Where’s my oatmeal?

  1. NO OATS?!?!?!??!


  2. I hate when that happens… my oat container is looking low also!

  3. Sandwich thins are the BEST!! Great discovery – where have they been all my life?

  4. You’re making me want sandwich thins So bad- stop making them look so delicious! Good luck coming up with something equally tasty for lunch. Perhaps an oatmeal/bfast switcheroo is in order? haha

  5. Devastating! At least you had the sandwich thins handy!

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